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8/30/2007 - Framing The Life Of A Photographer's Wife

0830_weston2.jpgThe story of the late American photographer Edward Weston is perhaps not as well known as his friend and contemporary, Ansel Adams. And until now, the name Charis Wilson may not have rung any bells for Oregonians.

Documentary filmmaker Ian McClusky set out to change that. His new film “Eloquent Nude” tells the story of Charis Wilson, who modeled for and later married photographer Edward Weston.

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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Big Tobacco Heads To Courtroom Over Measure 50
Kulongoski Accepts ODOT's Bridge Condition Report
Oregon Home Care Workers Negotiate New Contract
Test Scores Show Marked Improvement In Student's Yearly Progress

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/29/2007 - The Volcano's Calm, But The Park Debate Isn't

0829_natpark.jpgIf you can see Mount St Helens from where you sit today, you’ll no doubt agree it looks placid. A thin vapor plume trickles over the crater rim. If it’s action you’re after, look in the towns around the foot of the volcano. People are lining up to support or oppose making the volcano a full-fledged national park.
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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
War Protesters Target Senator Wyden's Office
Portland Approves Sweatshop-Free Resolution
Craig's Problems Have Mixed Implications For Oregon
Pacific University To Shutter Its 'Upward Bound' Program
OHSU Diabetes Study Shows Promise For Type 2 Sufferers

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/28/2007 - Insurance Companies Fighting Wildfire Losses In New Ways

0827_insurance.jpgThe Castle Rock Fire in central Idaho is officially the nation’s number one fire priority. It’s not lives that are threatened, so much as about a billion dollars’ worth of high-end real estate.

Correspondent Elizabeth Wynne Johnson has this look at what one insurance company is doing to avoid getting burned.
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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Kaiser Studies Gestational Diabetes And Childhood Obesity Link
Teens Face Charges In Beating Of Homeless Man
Oregon's Christmas Tree Growers Wage War Against Fake Trees
Wallowa Mill Closing Prompts Community Meeting
Would-be U.S. Citizens From Iraq Kept Waiting

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/27/2007 - State Fair Ratchets Up The Cuteness Quotient

0827_fair_bg.jpgThe Oregon State Fair is trying some new things this year to grab your attention. For instance, there’s a whole new section that showcases adventure sports such as rock climbing and snowboarding.

There’s also something new in the livestock section. Officials are betting that baby barnyard animals will capture the hearts of 21st Century kids. Correspondent Chris Lehman has more.
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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Wind Turbine Tower Collapses Killing One Worker
Aid Worker Began Volunteer Work In High School
Oregon-Made Trumpet Will Be Lasting Memorial To Katrina Victims
Dead Humpback Off Coast Puts Damper On Whale Watching Week
Four Sentenced In Bank Of Grenada Ponzi Scheme

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/23/2007 - Mixologist Shaking-Up Everyday Cocktails

0823_mixer2.jpgOregonian Lucy Brennan is one of the nation’s top mixologists. That means, among other things, she makes a mean avocado daiquiri.
Portlanders may know her restaurant mint or her lounge 820. Magazines from Food and Wine to Playboy have all named the local restaurateur in articles about who’s who in mixology.
Brennan immigrated to the US in the 80’s from Great Britain but only started her first restaurant after she moved to Portland 14 years ago.
She’s just written a new book, called Hip Sips -- published by Chronicle Books -- which contains many of her signature drinks --with fresh fruit and the occasional vegetable.
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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Portland's Goose Hollow Inn Celebrates 4 Decades
Michelle Wie Lands In Portland For Golf Tourney
Five Eastern Oregon Counties Seeking Drought Relief
Forest Service Promises Review Of Fish-Killing Fire Retardant
Washington State Battling To Regulate Brush Pickers

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/22/2007 - Mount Rainier National Park Briskly Recovering From Storms

0806_rainier.jpgUnprecedented numbers of volunteers are helping paid contractors rebuild trails, campgrounds, and roads in Mount Rainier National Park.
Storm damage closed the iconic park for six months this past winter and spring. Now, the pace of recovery is delightfully brisk. Correspondent Tom Banse reports.
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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Social Change Students Use New Media To Highlight Issues
Six Western States And Two Provinces Agree To Cut Greenhouse Gases
Portland Police Issue Expensive Reminders To Yield For Pedestrians
Hazelnut Crop Off, But Farmers Keep Faith

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/21/2007 - Dam Removal On Elwha Creeps Closer

0820_elwa1.jpgEast of Portland, the electric utility PGE is “almost through” tearing down Marmot Dam on the Sandy River.
The demolition project is ahead of schedule. The same cannot be said for an oft-delayed project on Washington’s Elwha River.
The targeted dams there would be the biggest ever removed in the whole United States. Correspondent Tom Banse reports there’s the prospect of action on the ground after more than twenty years of debate.

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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Oregon AG Hardy Myers Won't Run For Office Again
Poll Finds Shift In Oregonians' Candidate Preferences
Knight's $100 Million Comes With Questions
Peace And Trade Focus Of Chinese Ambassador's Speech
Schools To Debate Native American Mascots Again

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/20/2007 - More Logging Could Be On The Way For Northwest

It’s not exactly a return to the heyday of years gone by, but the northwest logging industry has reason to celebrate.
Two federal agencies are gearing up to allow more logging in Washington, Oregon and northern California.
As correspondent Chris Lehman reports, you could see a lot more logging trucks rolling down the highway in the next few years.

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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
PBS Series Features Oregon Connections
Young Musicians Get Onboard The Lennon Tour Bus
Charges Dropped In McMinnville Teens' Harassment Case

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/16/2007 - Biodiesel Refinery Will Depend On Foreign Oil At Start

More than 250 luminaries and guests celebrated the opening of the nation's biggest biodiesel refinery in Hoquiam, Washington Wednesday. Speeches touted the benefits of keeping our petro-dollars at home. But the new plant still relies on imported oil -- vegetable oil in this case.

Correspondent Tom Banse reports that energy independence remains a hard nut to crack in the Northwest.

Complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
McMinnville Case Puts Teenage Sexual Behavoir On Public Agenda
Feds Round Up 175 Fugitives With Operation Falcon
Warm Weather Keeps Oregon Wildfires Burning Police Lieutenant Fired In Deadly Force Case

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/15/2007 - Northwest Ready To Lead In Harnessing The Motion Of The Ocean

This month a new technology to generate electricity from ocean waves hits the water. Test buoys will be deployed a few miles off the coast at Newport and Bandon, Oregon and Makah Bay, Washington.
The Northwest is poised to lead the way on wave energy. But for those who earn a living on the water, it's not clear the ocean's big enough for everyone.

Complete article...

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
D.A. Faces Questions In McMinnville Sex Harassment Case
Metro Looking For Way To Build Convention Hotel
Sen. Smith Addresses Klamath Fish Kill Criticisms

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/14/2007 - Poop Cruise Shows The Smelly Side Of Lake Roosevelt

There’s an experience almost universally shared by anyone who’s ever ventured into the great outdoors. Nature calls. And you’re nowhere near any sort of modern flush facility. Or even an outhouse.

Apparently, that’s happening to an alarming number of visitors at Lake Roosevelt in northeast Washington. One of the most beautiful sections of the Columbia River is awash in human waste.

Complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Sen. Wyden Greeted With Calls For Impeachment At Portland Meeting
Portland's Five Percent Biodiesel Solution Set To Begin
Wildfire Threat Grows, Small Central Oregon Fires Continue
OHSU Brain Researcher Wins Javitz Neuroscience Award

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/13/2007 - Dead And Dying: Sounding The Alarm Over The Health Of NW Forests

You don't have to be a forester to see that giant swaths of Northwest forests are dead or dying. The infected areas stand out like a sore thumb: rust-red dead trees where once healthy evergreens stood.

Especially east of the Cascades, bugs and disease are feasting on forests made vulnerable by drought and overcrowding. Now the question is: how to stop the spread of this epidemic.

Complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Study Finds Drug Use Increases With 'Acculturation'
Gov. Kulongoski Makes Early Pick In U.S. Senate Race
Amateur Astronomers Gather Near Bend To Watch Perseids

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/9/2007 - Role Of 'Gusset Plates' In Bridge Collapse Considered

Investigators in Minnesota have raised concerns about a structural part used in bridges all over the country, including 177 in Oregon. The possible design flaw came up in the investigation of deadly collapse of a Minneapolis bridge.

Federal transportation officials are calling on states to be aware of the stress placed on what are known as “gusset plates.” Colin Fogarty reports.

Complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Logging On Federal Forest Lands Trending Higher
Hop Heads Gather To Discuss Their Favorite Flower
Hounds To Be Used To Control Cougar Numbers
Challenges Await New President At Eastern Oregon University

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/8/2007 - Portland Schools Prepare Search Criteria For New Superintendent

With the Portland Public Schools superintendent’s chair empty, school board members are thinking about the qualities they want in a new superintendent.

The school board finalized its criteria for selecting a new superintendent Wednesday.

That post was vacated, of course, when former Schools Superintendent Vicki Phillips left the job to lead the Gates Foundation’s education division.

School Board member Bobbie Regan is the point person for the new superintendent’s search. She talks with OPB's Eve Epstein about the process.
Listen to the interview...
Portland Public Schools Superintendent Selection Criteria

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Northwest Wheat Farmers Glean Best Price In Decades
Judge Denies Request For New Trial For Kip Kinkel
Bend's Bum Buses End Up In Court
Lebanon School District Reviews Superintendent's Performance

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/7/2007 - Backcountry Skiers Pursue Turns All Year

When it's 80 degrees and sunny, skiing is probably the last thing you're thinking of. But some Northwesterners just can't get snow off the brain.

Among them are some die-hards who tally impressive streaks of year-round skiing without leaving the Northwest.

Correspondent Tom Banse grabbed his ski poles to meet the people who carve turns all year round.
Complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Climate Change On The Agenda In The Northwest
ODOT Begins Inspections Of Oregon's Steel Deck Truss Bridges
How To Pick The Perfect Watermelon
Pope & Talbot Timber Company Up For Sale

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/6/2007 - Mt. Hood Fans Celebrate Pittock's First Climb 150 Years Ago

150 years ago Monday a small group of men completed what's thought to be the first climb to the summit of Mt. Hood. Henry Pittock and four friends ascended what is now the most popular mountain in Oregon.

Native Americans could have climbed to the summit long before 1847. But Pittock's ascent is considered the first documented climb to the summit.

Colin Fogarty spoke to the man who wrote the book on the history of Mount Hood, about that first expedition.

Complete article...
Mt. Hood Audio Slideshow.

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Mosquitoes' Buzz Brings State Of Emergency To Union County
Portland State Expands With New Rec Center
Traumatic Brain Injury: A Northwest Soldier's Struggle To Recover
Auto Theft Is East Portland's New Hot Crime

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/2/2007 - Mattel Recalls Chinese-Made Toys With Lead Paint

Mattel, the company that makes Big Bird, Dora the Explorer and other cuddly characters, is recalling almost a million toys because of lead paint.

The recall covers 83 different products made after April this year, including: giggling Elmo; Toucan Motorcycle Rescue and Sesame Street Jack-In-The-Box.

It's hard to know exactly how many of the 300,000 recalled toys in the U.S. were purchased in Oregon. Kristian Foden-Vencil reports.

Complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Portland Day Laborer Site Plans Draw Controversy
Judge Orders Idaho Prison To Provide Estrogen Therapy
Northwest Farmers May See New Yields In Farm Bill

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Posted by Michael Clapp

8/1/2007 - Oregon House Speaker Merkley Joins Race For U.S. Senate

0801_merkley.jpgDemocratic House Speaker Jeff Merkley filed papers Wednesday declaring he is candidate for the U.S. Senate.

The Portland Democrat enters the Democratic primary against political activist Steve Novick.

The House Speaker is hoping successes in the state legislature can propel him into the U.S. Senate seat now occupied by Republican Gordon Smith. But as Colin Fogarty reports, the debate over the war in Iraq is taking center stage.

Complete article...

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Ryan Deckert To Lead Oregon Business Association
Tsunami Learning Exchange: West Coast To Indian Ocean

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Posted by Michael Clapp

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