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9/27/2007 - Timberline Lodge Celebrates 70 Years Since FDR's Visit

Friday marks the 70 anniversary of the official opening of Timberline Lodge. On September 28, 1937 President Franklin Roosevelt spoke to a crowd gathered on Mount Hood.

70 years later, the lodge has become an icon of the Northwest and a show case for Depression-era artistry. Only a few of the people who worked on Timberline Lodge survive today, as Colin Fogarty reports.
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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Oregon Conference Focuses On Tribal Children
Ruling In Mayfield Case Seen As Blow To Justice Department
Lewis & Clark Scholar Reacts To Mayfield Decision

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Posted by Michael Clapp

9/26/2007 - Morning Star Congregation Keeps Faith In Building's Resurrection

0206_church.jpgLast February, a ferocious four-alarm fire gutted a Northeast Portland institution. Fire crews, neighbors, and parishioners watched as the historic Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church was engulfed in flames.

The church building and an adjacent school had stood at 106 NE Ivy Street for over 80 years. The cause of that fire was never determined, and in the 8 months since, the congregation has faced more than its share of misfortune.

But as Andrew Theen reports, the Morning Star congregation is holding fast to their faith and their hope for a rebuilt church.

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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
U.S./Russia Davis Cup Final Slated For Portland
Some Payday Lenders Pack Up And Leave
Gay Rights Opponents Submit Referendum Signatures

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Posted by Michael Clapp

9/25/2007 - Rockin' Away In A New 'Cabaret'

0925_cabaret.jpgPortland Center Stage kicks off its 20th anniversary season with Storm Large and Wade McCollum as the leads in the classic musical Cabaret. But before artistic director Chris Coleman cast the larger-than-life rocker opposite a seasoned actor, he first went to YouTube to check her out.

He wasn’t sure what he wanted at first but the evident vocal chops of Storm Large helped convince Coleman that he was headed in the right direction.

Complete article...
View an audio slideshow tour with costume designer Jeff Cone and his staff.

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Autzen Stadium Is Focus Of Local, National Attention
FCC Fines Comcast, But Not KPTV
Portland Leaders Look To Spread The Renewal Wealth Around

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Posted by Michael Clapp

9/24/2007 - Portland Jazz Great Enters Ukulele Hall Of Fame

0924_ritz_300.jpgLyle Ritz may be the most famous Portland jazz great you might never have heard of. This year marks the 50th anniversary of his groundbreaking album, “How About Uke?” -- the world's first jazz ukulele recording.

Ritz may not be a household name, but you've almost certainly heard him playing bass on pop hits like The Beach Boys "Good Vibrations," Sonny and Cher's "The Beat Goes On," and The Righteous Brothers "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling."

This year, Lyle Ritz was inducted into the Ukulele Hall of Fame at the Portland Uke Fest. And at 77 years old, Ritz is not slowing down.

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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Independent Party Growing Fast In Oregon
Pipebomb Kills Man In Boardman
Is This New Math? Test Scores Down, But That's A Good Thing
Pilot's Family Makes Peace With His Death

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Posted by Michael Clapp

9/20/2007 - Farmers And Scientists Search For Super Fuel Crop

0920_altfuel2.jpgGrowing canola to make biodiesel isn't exactly setting Northwest farmers' hearts aflutter.
Government statistics show just a slight increase in canola plantings, despite layers of incentives to support homegrown fuel. Plant breeders and university researchers in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington keep plugging away to find more options for area growers.
Correspondent Tom Banse reports on what we might call ALTERNATIVE alternative fuel crops.
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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Parishioners Reach Out To Sex Abuse Survivors
More Billboards Just Around The Corner On Oregon Highways
Former Enron Prosecutor Joins Race For Attorney General
Fly Along On A Mt. Rainier Rescue Training Mission
Family Traces Road Rage Incident To Time In Iraq

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Posted by Michael Clapp

9/19/2007 - Clock Is Ticking For Oregon Signature Gatherers

Time is running out for people trying to overturn two new gay rights laws in Oregon. They have until September 26 to gather enough signatures to force the issue to a vote.
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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
'Step-Up' Program Helps Keep High Schoolers In School
Oregon Minimum Wage Workers Get 15 Cent Raise
More Criticism For Rep. Baird's Iraq Stand

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Posted by Michael Clapp

9/18/2007 - Aid Agencies Respond To Flooding In North Korea

0918_korea1.jpgTwo Oregon-based aid agencies, Medical Teams International and Mercy Corps are among those offering food and medical supplies to North Korea.
The country is still recovering from horrific floods in August that displaced nearly a million people and left hundreds dead.
Allison Frost talked with representatives of the two agencies.
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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Drug Report FInds Meth Still A Problem In Oregon
Suicide Rate For Vets Twice That For Non-Veterans
Measure 50 Supporters Want To Send Message To Tobacco Companies
Light Sentences For Raptor Killers Riles Bird Lovers

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Posted by Michael Clapp

9/17/2007 - Behind-The-Scenes At The NW Immigration Detention Center

0917_detention.jpgWhen illegal immigrants are captured in Washington, Oregon and Alaska, they’re brought to a federal detention center in Tacoma, WA.
It’s the only facility of its kind in the Northwest. When it opened three years ago, it held 500 detainees. Now it holds on average a thousand.
Correspondent Austin Jenkins recently got a rare look inside this federal lock-up.
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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Republicans Favor Erickson Early In Repeat Run Against Hooley
Making 'Vision PDX' Into A Reality
Looking For Changes A Year After Chasse Death
Crater Lake Loop Tops Off 20 Years Of Cycle Oregon

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Posted by Michael Clapp

9/13/2007 - OSU Wave Center Demonstrates Effects Of Tsunami On Seaside

0913_seaside1.jpgThis week's earthquake in Indonesia was a dramatic reminder of the massive tsunami that hit that region in late 2004. It killed 230,000 people.
Researchers say America's west coast could be hit by a tsunami that big someday, too. Thursday in Corvallis, researchers demonstrated what a tsunami would do if it hit the coastal town of Seaside.
Complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Let's Talk Transit, Not Iraq
Blazers Fans Have To Wait A Little Longer For Oden's Debut
It’s Not Just Boeing; NW Has a Growing Role in Defense Contracting
Oregon Soldier Awarded The Purple Heart

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Posted by Michael Clapp

9/12/2007 - Only The Best Saddles For Real Cowboys

0912_saddle_350.jpgYou can tell a lot about a cowboy by the type of saddle on his horse’s back.
Some are dolled up with silver for the show ring, others are rugged for work in the backcountry.
And there is one place in the Northwest where cowboys turn for the best.
Anna King has this profile of a saddle maker in Pendleton, Oregon.
Complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
John Frohnmayer Joins Senate Race
New Machine At OHSU Promises Reduced Prostate Cancer Side Effects
Gunshots Blamed For Wildfire
Prineville Writes First Measure 37 Check

Political Analysis By Bill Lunch - Bill talks with Allison Frost about John Frohnmayer's run for Senate and Nancy Pelosi's visit to the Northwest. (mp3, 4:53)

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Posted by Michael Clapp

9/11/2007 - Northwest Congressional Leaders Weigh In On War Hearings

0828_baird.jpgNorthwest congressional leaders responded to two days of briefings on the Iraq War Tuesday. It appears few, if any, minds have changed.
Instead, opponents of the troop surge questioned the evidence of success, especially on the political front in the Iraqi parliament.
The few supporters in the Northwest applauded the latest efforts from General David Petraeus. One congressman said Tuesday the American people should consider how much they are personally willing to sacrifice for success in Iraq, as Rob Manning reports.
Complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Bilal Mosque Observes Sixth Anniversary Of 9/11 Attacks
Opinions Vary On Fair Punishment For Makah Whale Hunters
New Wilderness Area Proposed In Southern Oregon

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Posted by Michael Clapp

9/10/2007 - One Term In Mayor's Office Enough For Potter

0910_portlandia.jpgPortland Mayor Tom Potter announced Monday he will not be running for reelection. Potter told City Hall staff Monday, that he wants to spend more time with his family.
Potter stood next to his wife Karin and sported the beginnings of a new beard which he'd asked Portland residents to vote for or against online. Potter said he’s done most of the things he set out to do when elected.

Complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Brandon Mayfield Back In Court
Prison Overcrowding Forces New State Prison
Makah Tribe Representatives Say They Didn't Approve Whale Killing

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Posted by Michael Clapp

9/6/2007 - Cycle Oregon Turns 20

0906_CO3.jpgEvery summer for the past 20 years, an enormous group of cyclists get on their bikes for seven full days of riding, camping, and camaraderie.

The ride is Cycle Oregon -- a fully supported, rolling summer camp for cyclists. But it's more than a bike ride; since it began 20 years ago, it's evolved into an Oregon institution. Not to mention the state's most spandex-clad charitable foundation, awarding over $1.7 million in grants.

Casey Negreiff taped his microphone to his handlebars and went for a spin with the man behind that first ride, Jonathan Nicholas.

Complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Idaho Lags Behind In Mental Health
New Dam Proposal Attempts To Recover Salmon
Scientists Try To Discover 'Which Spider Delivers Which Bite'
Rinde Eckert Discussing Opening Of Time Based Art Festival

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Posted by Michael Clapp

9/5/2007 - The Making Of A Rural Doc

0905_ruop.jpgThroughout the Northwest, rural communities are in a constant struggle to attract and keep doctors. To practice in a remote area is to embrace a life of long hours, professional isolation and lower pay.
The region's medical school has a program dedicated to helping students see the upside of rural practice, too.
In Part II of our series on rural health care, correspondent Elizabeth Wynne Johnson chronicles the journey of one medical student as she gets her first real taste of what rural medicine is all about.

Complete article...
Part One of the Series - General Surgeons Hard To Replace In Rural Hospitals

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
A Year After Layoffs, Intel Bounces Back
Initiative Activists Already Gathering Signatures For 2008 Ballot
Black Butte Fire Ignites Policy Debate
New Debate on Evacuating Fire-Prone Areas

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Posted by Michael Clapp

9/4/2007 - Xeriscaping: A Hot Topic in Santa Fe

Gardeners in New Mexico are exploring xeriscaping — landscaping that doesn't require a lot of water. Displays have moved well beyond mere cactus and rock, but the practice still stirs controversy in some neighborhoods.

Complete article...
Ketzel Levine's Talking Plants Blog

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Enviromentalists Cheer, Conservatives Bemoan Departure Of Sen. Craig
Black Butte Evacuees Allowed To Return Home
General Surgeons Hard To Replace In Rural Hospitals
Rep. Hooley Proposes $100 Million For Willamette River Projects

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Posted by Michael Clapp

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