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10/31/2007 - Oregon Vortex Offers A Spooky Mystery For All

1031_vortex_350.jpgFor most of us, Halloween is about candy, costumes, and spooky stories. But at the roadside attraction known as the Oregon Vortex in Southern Oregon Halloween marks the end of a long season.

It’s Oregon’s so-called “mystery spot” -- where water runs uphill, gravity seems off-kilter and short reporters like Harriet Baskas appear taller than they really are.
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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Technology Opens Window Into Secret Life Of Bats
Sen. Smith's Immigration Vote Draws Scrutiny
Sheriff Giusto To Comment On Goldschmidt Report
Council Finally Accepts 45 Acres Of Ross Island From Pamplin
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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/30/2007 - Explosions Open Wetlands Reclaimation Project In The Klamath Basin

It took years of planning, and it was over in a matter of seconds. As onlookers cheered, four earthen levees were destroyed with thousands of pounds of explosives.

The dikes were built in the 1950’s to create more farmland in Klamath Basin. But more farmland meant less water for fish.

The blasts are meant to reverse that.
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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Portland Police Respond To Sex Crime Audit
Report Says Some Allegations Against Giusto Have Merit
Central Oregon Man Imprisoned Wrongfully

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/29/2007 - The Quest For One Square Inch Of Quiet

1029_inch_300.jpgThe quietest square inch in the continental United States is -- drumroll please -- at a rock placed on a moss-covered log in the Hoh Rain Forest of Olympic National Park.

An Olympic Peninsula man identified the spot as part of his quest to preserve solitude in the national parks.

He writes complaint letters to airlines that fly overhead and sometimes even gets results.

Correspondent Tom Banse went with the sound tracker for a visit.
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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
'Speak Shop' Explores New Way To Foreign Language Learning
Ellsbury Makes Many Oregonians Into Red Sox Fans
Converting Food Crops Into Fuel 'Crime Against Humanity'

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/25/2007 - Global Climate Change Skeptics Continue To Doubt Data

1025_cloudy2_350.jpgThe scientific debate over whether humans are contributing to global climate change is largely over.

But a number of skeptics remain in what you might call the weather industry: TV weather forecasters and state climatologists.

That’s the subject that OPB producer Christy George tackles in her new documentary called “Forecast: Cloudy” which premiers Thursday night on the television stations of OPB.

Christy George sat down with Oregon Considered host Allison Frost for something of a sneak preview.
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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Rossi Announces Rematch With Gregoire For Washington Governor
Owners Say States Over Look Small Business
Court Battles Return For Portland Archdiocese

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/24/2007 - Packy's Vet Returns To Visit His Most Famous Delivery

1024_packy_vert.jpgEarly this month, the Oregon Zoo revealed that 13-year-old Asian elephant “Rose Tu” is pregnant.

Elephant births seem almost common today. But in 1962, the zoo attracted worldwide attention with the first elephant born in captivity in 44 years. You know him as Packy.

The man who helped make that happen is retired now. Recently, Dr. Matt Maberry sat down with Oregon Field Guide’s Vince Patton to recall an important mark in elephant breeding history.
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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Oregon's Death With Dignity Law Turns 10
Fires In Keeping With Global Climate Change Predictions
Does America Need A Federal Shield Law For Journalists?

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/23/2007 - Deadly 'Right-Hook' Kills Another Cyclist In Portland

1023_bike_325.jpgA Portland cyclist died Monday when he collided with a garbage truck in North Portland. That is the second fatality in two weeks where a cyclist collided with a large truck and it's the fourth cyclist to die this year.

The latest two incidents have a common thread: a vehicle turns right across a bike lane. It's called a right hook.

Cyclists and law enforcement officials believe something needs to be done but there is little consensus about what.
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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Seeking Solutions To The Deadly Bike/Truck Conflict
Nike Buys British Sports Firm Umbro
Oregon Senator Part Of Bi-Partisan Political Dynasty
Bend's Juniper Ridge Project Delayed, Possibly At Risk

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/22/2007 - Measure 50: Tobacco Tax For Healthy Kids Or Constitutional Rewrite?

Cigarettes are often viewed as an easy target for tax-hungry governments.

Measure 50 on the November ballot raises state tobacco taxes to pay for the Healthy Kids Program. But this tobacco tax is giving some people second thoughts.

That’s because the tax would end up in the state’s constitution. Salem correspondent Chris Lehman explains.
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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Author Peg Bracken Dies At Age 89
Marijuana Measures Collecting Signatures For 2008 Ballot
Ref 67: Consumers In The Middle As Insurance Companies And Trial Lawyers Duke It Out
Bend Planemaker's Future Up For Grabs

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/17/2007 - Both Sides In Measure 49 Debate Claim Farmer Support

1017_pumpkins_300.jpgTwo new reports are out on Ballot Measure 49. The initiative limits the development allowed under property compensation initiative, Measure 37. It changes the process for reviewing claims, and addresses the measure's legal uncertainties.

As Colin Fogarty reports, both sides of this land-use debate are citing the views of people who live off the land.
Complete article...

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Measure 50 Campaigns Dispute How Much Money Will Go To Kids
Eastside Earthquakes Get Attention At Conference In Yakima
Portland Hosts Major Match, Looks To Future Of Soccer

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/16/2007 - Van Gogh's 'Ox-Cart' Comes To Portland After Decades On A Wall In Roseburg

1016_oxcart_350.jpgThe Portland Art Museum scored a coup this week. It received its first painting by Vincent van Gogh.

The Dutch artist painted “The Ox-Cart” in 1884. That was before he moved to France, where he painted the brightly colored “Sunflowers” and “Starry Night”.

As Colin Fogarty reports, the Portland Art Museum received this painting as a donation from a private collection.
Complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Builders Still Building But Home Sales Slow In Central Oregon
Fake Bomb Starts Off Portland Counterterrorism Exercise
Rainy Day? WA Voters Asked To Amend Constitution

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/15/2007 - Wu Earmark For Campaign Donor Draws Scrutiny

Oregon Congressman David Wu is under fire for a $2 million Congressional earmark to a company that makes T-shirts for U.S. Marines.

The polyester shirts that disperse sweat appeared ideal for soldiers in Iraq. But the shirts could melt when a blast goes off nearby.

As Colin Fogarty reports, company that made the shirts gave generously to Wu’s re-election campaign.

Complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Tektronix Bought Out By East Coast Conglomerate
Interstate Bridge A Source Of 'Frustration, Fumes and Failure'

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/11/2007 - Simple Signs Sell Complex Solution

1011_loveoregon_310.jpgThis November will see the most expensive ballot measure campaign in Oregon history.

The tobacco industry is dumping $9 million in an effort to defeat Measure 50, which raises state tobacco taxes to pay for the Healthy Kids Program. But in a separate ballot measure, a low tech and relatively inexpensive campaign is also getting attention.

Have you seen those black and white signs by the side of the road asking whether you “love Oregon?” Colin Fogarty found the man behind the signs and has this report.
Complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Hillsdale And Bridgeport Wild Oats Stores To Close
Panel To Look For Ways To Develop Brownfield Lands

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/10/2007 - Opal Creek Wilderness: Protected And Ready For Visitors

1010_opal2_350.jpgThere's only one way into the old mining town of Jaw Bone Flats, Oregon. You've got to go south of Mount Hood and then hike 3 miles into the middle of the Opal Creek Wilderness.

The area was at one time the subject of bitter debate between timber interests and conservationists. Until 11 years ago when Congress decided to set aside the Opal Creek Wilderness as protected forest.

OPB's Vince Patton went out with the Oregon Field Guide crew to see how the forest has changed and he filed this report for OPB News.
Complete article...

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Performance Artist Panhandles For Slavery Reparations
Portland Auditor Looks At Recruiting Practices
Cigarette Companies Burning Through Millions To Defeat Measure 50

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/9/2007 - John Edwards Campaigns At Union Meeting In Seaside

1009_edwards.jpgDemocratic presidential candidate John Edwards won thundering applause from about 500 members of Oregon AFL-CIO this Tuesday morning. The former senator from North Carolina spoke to a convention of the state labor federation in Seaside.

Another presidential candidate -- Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich -- spoke on Sunday.

Oregon’s presidential primary is next May, long after other states make their picks. But as Colin Fogarty reports, that hasn’t dampened the energy of union members.
Complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Pigeons Pose Poop Problem For GOP
Signatures Fall Short, Domestic Partnerships To Become Law
Gresham Looks For New Way To Manage Rental Complaints
Council And Citizens Split On Renaming Interstate Ave.

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/8/2007 - Oregon Filmmaker Seeks To Save 'Los Banos' Raid Memories

1008_banos1.jpgThere’s a famous picture taken during the Second World War, in which a group of six Marines raise a flag atop Mount Suribachi.

It ran in magazines and papers across the world, announcing news of American victory in the Battle of Iwo Jima.

That news, however, knocked another amazing story off the front pages that day. It involved a military mission that against all odds saved two thousand civilians from a concentration camp 30 miles behind enemy lines.

Military teachers still use the raid on Los Banos as an example of how to execute a successful rescue.
Memories of that raid are fading as participants grow older. But as Kristian Foden-Vencil reports, an Oregon filmmaker and local survivors are working hard to preserve them for posterity.
Complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
OHSU Researchers Find Breast Cancer Risk Linked To Mother's Hips
I-960: Eyman’s Latest Attempt To Curb Government
'Certainty' Of Measure 49 Seems Uncertain At Best

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/4/2007 - Beggars and Choosers, Motherhood Is NOT A Class Privilege

1004_motherhood_350.jpgIf there’s one sound effect that might accompany a new photo exhibit of mothers opening Thursday at Portland State University and the YWCA in Portland, it’s this...[Clearing throat.]

The exhibit is called Beggars and Choosers, Motherhood is NOT a class privilege in America. And curator and historian Ricki Solenger says what it is, is primarily an interruption. An interruption in the usual perception of who is a mother, a legitimate mother.
Complete article...
View photographs from the exhibit

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Guardians In The Graveyard Of The Pacific
Portland Considers Building Municipal Broadband Internet System
Black Butte Forest Project Serves As Wildfire Model
North Clackamas Board Is Latest To Consider Development Tax To Fund Schools

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/3/2007 - Lack Of Health Insurance Leads Many To Bankruptcy

1002_bankruptcy.jpgWith the never-ending rise of health care costs, comes a never-ending debate over how to pay for it.

In Oregon, voters will decide Measure 50 this fall, which raises tobacco taxes to pay for the Healthy Kids Program. And no matter how that measure is decided, it's clear that in Oregon, as elsewhere, the healthcare system as a whole is not well.
Complete article...
- Harvard Doctor Discusses Medical Study
TOWNSQUARE: Are Medical Expenses Killing You?

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Oregon Treasurer’s Race Gets First Candidate
A Tug Boat Ride Down the Snake River
Adams Makes It Official, He's In The Run For Portland Mayor

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/2/2007 - Still Waters Run Deep And Deadly For Columbia River Salmon

1002_johnday_350.jpgEnvironmentalists often call Columbia River dams “fish killers.” But in fact the deadliest dam isn’t a dam at all: it’s a 76 mile reservoir that pools behind a dam east of The Dalles, Oregon.

In part two of our journey down the Columbia River, correspondent Anna King takes a closer look at the deadly John Day reservoir.
Complete article...
Part 1 of the series
A Canoe Trip On The Upper Columbia

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Bend Home Hunting Changes With Market
Republican 'Farm Team' Not Out Yet In State Races
Wyden Health Care Bill Gains Support In Senate

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/1/2007 - Oregon Photographer Documents A World Of Climate Change

1001_braasch.jpgIt’s a big day for Oregon photojournalist Gary Braasch. His new book Earth Under Fire comes out today.

It’s a hard cover, coffee table book that’s filled with his pictures from around the world documenting the physical changes that have accompanied global warming.

He joined us in our Portland studios to talk about what he found -- particularly in Oregon and the Northwest.
Complete article...
View an audio slideshow of Gary Braasch talking about his photographs.

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
PSU Study Looks At 'Age-Friendliness' Of Cities
New ID Theft Law Takes Effect In Oregon
A Canoe Trip On The Upper Columbia

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Posted by Michael Clapp

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