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11/29/2007 - Oregon A National Leader In Health Care

Republican Senator Gordon Smith Friday again called on Congress to pass the children's health care measure known as SCHIP. Smith says the measure could still become law, even though the president vetoed an earlier version of the bill in October.

Gordon Smith: "But let's not quit, because this is too important. Let's get it done in Washington and Salem."

Smith faces a tough reelection fight next year. And his position on the issue breaks with most of his fellow Republicans. But maverick positions on health care aren't unusual to Oregon politics,

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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
3500 Oregon Guard Soldiers Called Up For Overseas Duty
Oregonian Given Buffett Award For Indigenous Leadership
Oregon Considered Leaves The Air After 17 Years

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Posted by Michael Clapp

11/28/2007 - The Hunt For The Elusive Giant Palouse Earthworm

1128_worm.jpgIt’s three feet long, it smells like a lily and it can spit at attackers. But so far the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service doesn't want to pay to study the giant Palouse earthworm.

Environmental groups plan to sue to make that happen and to protect the worm under the Endangered Species Act. But studying the worms is a difficult task. In the last 100 years scientists have only found them three times.

Richland correspondent Anna King recently followed a University of Idaho researcher on a quest for the elusive ground-dweller.

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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Fireproofing Homes Rather Than Forests
Washington Special Session Promises Political Fireworks
Council Votes To Drop Venture Capital Tax
HHS Secretary Says Major Changes To Import Controls Needed
Canadians Looking South For Renewable Energy Collaboration

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Posted by Michael Clapp

11/27/2007 - Cessna Buys Columbia Aircraft For $26.4 Million

Tuesday outside of Portland bankruptcy court, a world-renowned planemaker appears to have purchased Bend-based Columbia Aircraft for what many say is a bargain price.

The deal is being finalized and if a bankruptcy judge accepts the terms, Kansas-based Cessna will have outbid just one other suitor for Columbia. Central Oregon correspondent Ethan Lindsey reports.

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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Albany Neighbors Voice Concern About Group Home For Criminally Insane
Speaker Pelosi Visits To Discuss Sharing Health Care Information
A Behind The Scenes Look At Kicker Central
Idaho May See Water War Over Snake Plane Aquifer

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Posted by Michael Clapp

11/26/2007 - Panhandling Crackdown Raises Free Speech Concerns

1121_panhandle.jpgAsking for money from strangers is never easy.
In two Oregon cities, it will soon be even tougher.
That’s because leaders there are trying to put an end to panhandling along the side of the road.
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Oregon ACLU May Challenge Panhandling Laws

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Madras Wrongful Imprisonment Case Returns To Court
Multnomah County Moves To Limit Mental Health Coverage
Will Oregon Voters Go For Publicly Financed Campaigns For State Office?

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Posted by Michael Clapp

11/15/2007 - Grays Anatomy: A Timber County Embraces Green

1115_community3_400.jpgOn the Washington coast, an economically distressed timber county is going green. Grays Harbor County wants to transform itself from a community of extraction to a community of renewables.

As part of our series on Northwest communities reinventing themselves, correspondent Austin Jenkins introduces us to some young adults at the forefront of this economic transformation.
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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Central Oregon May Get New Rendering Plant
Foster Parents Still Hoping To Keep Gabriel In Oregon
Governor Plans To Reduce Illegal Aliens' Access To Licenses

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Posted by Michael Clapp

11/14/2007 - Coos Bay: Little City, Big Port

1114_community2_400.jpgThe southern coast of Oregon is one of the most isolated parts of the state. But leaders in one coastal town want to turn the seclusion to their advantage.
As part of our series on Northwest communities re-inventing themselves, correspondent Chris Lehman reports on Coos Bay, a little city with plans for a big port.
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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Scientists Create Cloned Embryos From Adult Monkey
Kulongoski Kicks Off Expansion Of Opportunity Grants
Who's Mr. Kelly And What's In A Name?

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Posted by Michael Clapp

11/13/2007 - A Timber Truce, But Not Everyone Is On Board

For more than a decade, Northwest environmentalists have waged a war on what they consider unsustainable logging practices. They’ve filed lawsuit after lawsuit to stop timber sales.
That’s why in timber towns, environmentalists are often blamed for ruining the economy. So what if the two sides called a truce and decided to work together to bring back jobs and preserve the forest?
It’s happening in the Northeast corner of Washington. And that’s where we start our series on Northwest communities reinventing themselves. Correspondent Austin Jenkins reports.
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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
PETA Files Complaints Against Primate Research Center
Anti-Illegal Immigration Measure In The Offing
Looking For A Vacation Home In A Vineyard?

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Posted by Michael Clapp

11/8/2007 - Big City Style Popular Even In Small Towns

You might expect fancy loft living in downtown Portland and Seattle. But how about this? Now there are lofts going up in downtown Yakima and Pendleton, Oregon!

Richland correspondent Anna King takes us for a closer look at how small Northwest towns are embracing downtown living.
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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Outdoor Burning Bans Show Central Oregon's Growth
A Child Of The 'Great Society,' Public Broadcasting Act Turns 40
Digging In To Learn With Young Tree Planters
House Approves Free-Trade Agreement With Peru
Enrollment In Oregon Universities Increases
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Posted by Michael Clapp

11/7/2007 - Measure 49 Just Another Bend In A Long Land Use Road


After years of conflict over Oregon’s land-use planning system, voters Tuesday approved a measure billed as a compromise.

Measure 49 limits development under property compensation initiative, Measure 37, which passed in 2004. It also changes the process for reviewing claims, and addresses Measure 37’s legal uncertainties.

As Rob Manning reports, Measure 49’s passage Tuesday appears to have settled the dispute pitting a person’s right to build on property against potential harm to Oregon’s farms and forests.
Complete article...

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Clatsop County DA Pay Measure Failing
Voters Seem Fickle After Spendy Fall Campaign
Washington Voters Send 'No New Taxes' Message
Millions Of Reasons For Measure 50 Defeat
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Posted by Michael Clapp

11/6/2007 - Oregon Author Offers Brush Up Course In 'Kitchen Literacy'

1106_brooksidecorn_265.jpgChances are if you're asked where dinner's coming from, you probably think that means a choice of restaurants or supermarket chains.
At least that's how it occurred to Oregon historian Ann Vileisis.
She's the author of Kitchen Literacy: How We Lost Knowledge of Where Food Comes from and Why We Need to Get It Back.
Listen to the interview...
View images from the book

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Special Election Turnout Leaves Much To Be Desired
Time To Rethink How We Name Ballot Measures?
Justices Focus On Procedure During Circumcision Arguments
Pressure Grows In Re-Naming Interstate Ave. Controversy
Gay Scandals Bedevil Republican Party
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Posted by Michael Clapp

11/5/2007 - Beervana

In 1852, beer came to the Northwest quenching the thirsts of loggers, miners, fisherman and farmers.
Today, Portland is the beer capital of the world.
Learn the story of the industry through compelling and amusing anecdotes of the Oregon beer community.
Beervana producer Beth Harrington talks with Oregon Considered host Allison Frost about the project.
Complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
China, Oregon Sign Food Testing Agreement
Oregon Supreme Court Hears Circumcision Case
Measure Promises To Fix Fire And Police Disability Retirement Fund
Job Fair Links Returning Soldiers With Potential Employers
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Posted by Michael Clapp

11/1/2007 - Veterans Find Help Working In The Woods

Individual states are stepping up to provide more help to returning soldiers and sailors. A novel program under the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs uses nature to heal the wounds of war.

Vets also get experience in environmental restoration that could lead to a good civilian job. Correspondent Tom Banse has more from suburban Seattle.
Complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Seattle Car-Share Customers Slapped With Rental Tax
Giusto Calls Report 'False And Misleading'
Bend's 'Nature Of Words' Festival Faces Challenges
Low Turnout Looms As Major Factor In This Election
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Posted by Michael Clapp

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