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In 1852, beer came to the Northwest quenching the thirsts of loggers, miners, fisherman and farmers. Today Portland is the beer capital of the world. The story of the industry through compelling and amusing anecdotes of the Oregon beer community.

Premieres Monday, November 5, 2007 at 9pm on OPB TV

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About the Program

"Beervana" was a phrase coined in Oregon to describe the burgeoning craft beer movement that had taken hold here in the 1980s. And indeed, it's an apt description, as those who are actively involved in the beer community think of it a near-religious experience to make and enjoy well-made brew.

But Beervana also describes the transcendent union of climate and environment which makes Oregon the home to great hops growing and affords the brewmasters the highest quality water.

These forces made it possible for early immigrant braumeisters to come to this place and succeed making a product that legions of thirsty workers would enjoy as they shaped the place we now call home.

About the Program
Find out how Oregon became the beer capital of the world.
Gallery of Microbrew Revolutionaries
Meet some of the visionaries who started it all.
Erickson's Saloon
Visit Portland's most famous drinking establishment.
Benson Bubblers
Learn about the teetotaler roots of the famous Portland landmarks.
Further reading about about the microbrew movement in Oregon.
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