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Beervana Program Credits

Beth Harrington
Lisa Suinn Kallem
Nick Fisher
Michael Bendixen
Greg Bond
Corky Miller
Field Audio
William Ward
Randy Layton
Michael Gandsey
Linda Bard
Associate Producer
Kami Horton
Laurence Johnson
Original Theme Music
Cal Scott
Production Graphics
Sandy Engel
Katie Mcginley
Web Design
Ben Kerney
John Kin
Open Animation
Danny Rubyono
Shan Applegate
Stephen Fairman
Additional Voices
Jeff Gersh
Archival Materials And Images
Oregon Historical Society
Lucy Berkley
Michele Kribs
Evan Schneider
Albany Regional Museum
Anchor Steam Brewing
Archives Library, Oregon State Univ
Bryan Anderson
Baker County Library Archives
Clatsop County Historical Society
Current Communications
Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, Nps
Gerdling Edlen Development
Laurelwood Public House And Brewry
Library Of Congress
Lucky Labrador Brew Pubs
Oregon State Archives
Charlie Papazian
Salmon Creek Brew Pub
Production Archivist
Jack Berry
Promotion And Publicity
Mark Buchanan
Carol Howard
Post Production
Howard Beckerman
Steven Kray
Special Thanks
The Benson Hotel
Jeff Clawson
Chris Crabb
John Debenedetti
Gary Geist
Aaron Grier
Theresa Langford
Art Larrance
Elana Mater
Lisa Morrison
Ciea Palmer
Larry And Ana Pratt
Howard And Nadine Robertson
Jay Rymeski
Scott Sanders
Tom Shellhammer
Preston Weesner
Rudy Williams
Executive Producer
Nadine Jelsing
Station Manager
Jeff Douglas
About the Program
Find out how Oregon became the beer capital of the world.
Gallery of Microbrew Revolutionaries
Meet some of the visionaries who started it all.
Erickson's Saloon
Visit Portland's most famous drinking establishment.
Benson Bubblers
Learn about the teetotaler roots of the famous Portland landmarks.
Further reading about about the microbrew movement in Oregon.
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