Adapt the following extensions or create new ones! Remember, the best extension by far is direct experience with Oregon's land and people!

Write Write a fictional story and stage a play that exemplifies the competitive n= ature of the fishing enterprise. Consider the implications of this competit= ion for the fishery. Celebrate the tradition of fishing in Oregon by participating in a first salmon ceremony. Attend a local event celebrating fisheries in Oregon3.

Explore museums and exhibits that portray local histories of fishing in Oregon4. Keep a list of I didn't know that statements about what's gleaned from the displays and artifacts.

Research and prepare a local history of a community that is heavily dependent on fishing for their livelihood today. Note the importance of other industries, such as those represented by canneries, markets, and transportation, in the development of the fishing industry in that locale.

Create a brochure that explains the history of fishing in your area, and where to find it.

Develop a series of maps of the area defined as Oregon today, from the time prior to European settlement to the present. Include the distribution of salmon, land use activities, and areas fished, as well as locations of reservations, major dams, and cities and towns. Information about harvest relative to Oregons post-European settlement population may also be instructive.

3 For example, participate in the Wy-Am Salmon Feast at Celilo Village, the Indian Style Salmon Bake at Depoe Bay, the Annual Oregon Salmon Festival in Gresham, the Yachats Smelt Fry, the Charleston Seafood Festival, or the Alsea Bay Crab Festival.

4 Some museums and exhibits are listed in the See It section of this guide. Contact a local chamber of commerce for additional exhibits and information.

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Fishing Activities and Management
Extensions to student activities on the methods and practices of fishing.