Create a set of model boats (e.g., shrimp boars, trawlers, trollers, purse seines, and crabbing boats) and gear used in the different fisheries common in Oregon. Describe the activities supported. Compare this equipment with that used in other regions of the country. With that of other countries.

Research and prepare an essay on the role of women in fishing. Consider, for example, the oral histories detailed by Allison, et al. (1989) and Martin's account (1994). Do the contribution of women today differ from those historically? If so, in what ways?

Write a nonfictional account that portrays how the resources available (e.g., the abundance of salmon historically, or the relative abundance of Dover sole5) and the physical characteristics of a place affect fishing activities there. Explain the limitations imposed and how they have contributed to the situation today. Consider how the use of the resource has affected the culture of fishing, as well as the resource itself.

Prepare and deliver a speech that conveys the results of an exploration of the impacts of water use on Oregon fisheries, particularly that of salmon. Include ways in which these impacts can be, and are being, mitigated.

Investigate how a collapse in a fishery ocurrs. What are the warning signs? What differences exist in the management of long-lived versus short-lived fishes? Discuss the potential impacts, both short and long-term, of stock reductions on Oregon fisheries.

Visit a salmon hatchery6 and prepare a report on the conditions found there. Compare these conditions with those generally found in a natural stream system. Research the effectiveness of hatchery programs in supplementing populations of wild salmon.

5Current population decreases suggest that harvest pressure has been nonsustainable.

6A list of Columbia River Basin salmon hatcheries is given in Joint Columbia River Management Staff (1995, Status Report: Columbia River Fish Runs and Fisheries, 1938-1994, ODFW and WDFS), p. 264.

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On Down to the Sea: Fisheries Ecology
Extensions to student activities on fishing's effect on the environment.