Investigate technological developments, e.g., canneries, sonar and satellite navigation systems, longlines, and industrial trawlers, relevant to fishing. Prepare a report on the ways in which they have impacted and transformed the fishing industry.

Interview a fisher about changes that have occurred in his/her work and relationship to the resource. Write an article about this person and submit it to a local magazine or newspaper.

Develop and present a slide program that details what you think the future of fishing in Oregon will be as the state continues to move toward an economy that is less resource-based. Provide support for your position(s).

Compare the story of fishing in Oregon to the story of fishing throughout the world.

Learn about the developmental fisheries program of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, which aims to diversify the fishing industry. Explore in detail the development of a recent fishery, e.g., that turning "trash hake" into "quality whiting", and the implications of that fishery for Oregon fishers and the ocean ecosystem.

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The Savvy Citizen
Extensions to student activities on understanding how fishing affects the entire state.