Pre-view the program for specific information and concepts relevant to your goals and materials and current events. Adapt the following suggestions for pre-viewing activities, or create your own activities.

Find evidence of fishing in Oregon. Look for fishing boats, pilings remaining from canneries, fish markets, and advertisements and stores supporting fishing activities.

Track the influence of the fishing industry on your life. Do you eat fish fresh or canned? What kinds of seafood are available in the supermarket? Is any of it from local sources? Can you find images of salmon or other sea life?

Use a road map of Oregon to locate places discussed in the video program. These places include Astoria, Cascade Locks, Newport, and Portland, as well as Clatsop County, the Columbia, Deschutes, Snake, and Yaquina rivers, Youngs Bay, and the Warm Springs reservation. Are any of these areas located near you?

Review the life cycle of Pacific salmon, and the extent of salmon migrations, e.g., see Yates (1988) and Steelquist (1992).

Distinguish between Pacific and Atlantic salmon.

Collect pictures of species from fisheries mentioned in the program. These species include Pacific and Atlantic salmon, Pacific whiting (hake), crab, halibut, shrimp, and tuna.

Map of teacher on-line resource.

View It
Suggested activities to do while viewing the documentary and after viewing certain sections.

Oregon Map
Map of historical and current locations important to fishing in Oregon.