Classroom Teacher Resources
This downloadable teacher's guide includes activities and resources to supplement classroom viewing of The Oregon Story: Harvesting the Wild, an Oregon Public Broadcasting video program. The Web site and lesson plans can also be used as freestanding tools for exploring wild harvest issues.
The guide includes two units, each containing four lesson plans designed to maximize the educational content of both this Web site and the video program. Suggested activities will help students gain a better understanding of:
  • Diversity of local flora.
  • The economic value of their local landscape.
  • The complexities of harvesting on public lands.
  • Economic alternatives to timber in National Forests.
The teacher's guide is available as a single PDF document. (If you can't access the guide, please try downloading a current version of the free Adobe Reader.)
Lesson Plan Units Included in the Teacher's Guide (Click to Download PDF):
Lesson 1 - Wild Things at Home
Lesson 2 - Environmental Justice in the Woods
Using the DVD
To obtain a copy of the video for use with these lesson plans, The Oregon Story: Harvesting the Wild program may be taped off air and used in the classroom for up to one year from the broadcast date. You can also purchase your own copy of the DVD for use in the classroom at the OPB store: