Wild-Harvesting Primer
Wild-Harvesting Guide
Wild-harvesting is as much an experience as a means of collecting a product. Ask a picker and you'll hear about their love of being in the forest; of being off the beaten path; of viewing wildlife from an intimate perspective. Many consider wild-harvesting an integral part of being an Oregonian.
It is legal for the average person to pick almost any plant for personal use for free-you just need a permit. Permit acquisition differs depending on the landowner, whether an individual, a company or the government. Permits for public land are generally available at ranger stations: see the website for the Mt. Hood National Forest as an example.
The most important things for the novice picker to be aware of are positive identification of a plant (to avoid being poisoned); identification of sensitive, threatened or endangered plants; and harvest techniques including where to pick, how to pick and how much to pick. Community colleges and other institutions in your area may offer wild-harvesting classes and/or field trips.
Feature: Wild-Harvesting Primer
There is much more to the forest than just trees and lumber. Explore the Wild-Harvesting Primer to learn more about the many harvestable wild plants that live in Oregon's forests. (Requires Flash 5.0)