About Land Trusts Tales of Two Trusts
There are over 1,200 land trusts in the U.S. and each is unique. To begin to examine the amazing diversity, this section presents two Oregon trusts. Topics include the regions of operation, the motives behind the guiding missions and the long-term prospects for conservation activities.
Deschutes Basin Land Trust
A trust that touches 11 counties in central Oregon, where cities are few and agriculture is strong. The issue is water -- for people, crops and fish.
History of a Place
Take an interactive look at the life story of the Deschutes Basin Land Trust's Camp Polk Meadow Preserve.
Three Rivers Land Conservancy
This trust operates in Oregon's largest urban area, where open space is at a premium. As population increases, conservation goals become urgent.
Thoughts on Trusts
Executive Director Jayne Cronlund talks about urban land-use and long-term hopes.