The "ABC's" of E-Commerce
Have you ever used the Internet to buy or sell something? If you have, you were an "e-customer" and you participated in the newest form of business that is growing by leaps and bounds (or by bytes and clicks!) in Oregon: e-commerce!
No matter how you spell e-commerce, or whether you capitalize the letters or not, "the conduct of financial transactions by electronic means" is changing the way business is done in the world. Called e-commerce, e-Commerce, ecommerce, I-commerce (Internet commerce), icommerce, e-Business, e-tail (electronic retail), web-commerce, and cyber-commerce, this phenomenon has its own special vocabulary, slang, and "ABC's." Here are some basic words in the new e-commerce vocabulary:
E-business: Business conducted via the electronic world of the Internet.
E-commerce: The conduct of business and financial transactions using electronic methods.
B-and-M business: Brick and Mortar business: the traditional business that is located in a real, physical building.
Click and Mortar business: Business that has both a B-and-M location and an electronic location. (Sometimes called Clicks and Bricks.)
B to B business: Business that sells from business to business.
B to C business: Business that sells from business to consumer.
C to C business: Business that allows customers to sell to other customers, with Web support.
Dotcom business: Slang term for an e-business that has been established to use the Internet, electronic technology, and Web sites exclusively.
Dotbomb business: Dotcom business that has failed.
Cyber-mall: Online "shopping mall" where e-commerce Web sites are "located" for customer shopping.
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