Preview the program for specific information and concepts relevant to your goals and materials, and to current events. Adapt the following suggestions for previewing activities, or create your own activities.
Synopsis of video: The Oregon Story: Small Towns deals with many issues facing several small towns in Oregon as they struggle to adapt to change without losing the features that make them special.
DO you live in a small town? Or have you visited small towns? What do you think makes life in a small town unique?
DEFINE what you think a small town is. How is it different from a city, suburb, village, and farm community?
DESCRIBE your view of life in a small town. What advantages and disadvantages do you see to this way of life?
BRAINSTORM how your life is related to small towns in Oregon. Do you live in a small town or know someone who does? Are any of these small towns located near you? What products do you use that come from small towns?
USE a road map to locate places featured in the video program. These places include: Gardiner, Wasco, Shaniko, Dundee, Joseph, and Fossil. Also locate Wheeler County, Yamhill County, Sherman County, Wallowa County, Wasco County, Douglas County, Umpqua River, Willamette River, Pacific Oregon, Reedsport, Portland, and Salem. What major geographical features are located near the small towns profiled in the video? What effect do you think these geographical features have had and will have on these small towns?
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