The Oregon Public Broadcasting video program, The Oregon Story: Tribal Economy, contributes to understanding the land we know as Oregon today and the history of our involvement with it. It also raises important issues about the role of development in Oregon. Suggestions (1) provided in this guide demonstrate ways to support and supplement the exploration of this history in the context of Oregon Department of Education Content Standards and Benchmarks. Suggestions include activities, explorations, field excursions, and further adventures in reading and viewing.
The Oregon Story: Tribal Economy has five major objectives, which are to promote:
  1. Understanding about how Native American tribes and their economies have contributed to Oregon's history and development;
  2. Awareness about the traditions and way of life of tribal members who live and work in Oregon;
  3. A perspective about change that is occurring in Native American tribes in Oregon;
  4. Critical thinking about the care, use, and management of Oregon's natural resources;
  5. Incentive to celebrate the history, celebrate the present, and appreciate the possibilities of the future of Oregon.
1 Many of the suggestions support Oregon Department of Education CIM and CAM benchmarks.
Educators: Download the on-line teaching guide in PDF format to enhance your students' classroom viewing experience.
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