Preview the program for specific information and concepts relevant to your goals and materials, and to current events. Adapt the following suggestions for previewing activities, or create your own activities.
Synopsis of video: The Oregon Story: Tribal Economy deals with changes that have occurred recently in tribal economies, especially with the development of casinos on tribal land, and how this relates to the history and culture of Native Americans in Oregon.
ARE you a member of an Oregon tribe? Do you know members of a Native American tribe? Do you live near an Indian reservation or have you ever visited an Indian reservation in Oregon? What do you think makes life as a member of a Native American tribe unique?
DESCRIBE your understanding of life on an Indian reservation in Oregon. What advantages and disadvantages do you see to this way of life?
USE a road map to locate places considered in the video program. These places include: Grand Ronde, Spirit Mountain, Columbia River, Celilo Falls, The Dalles Dam, Coquille, Cow Creek, Umatilla, Siletz, Warm Springs, and Madras. Which of these places are located near you?
BRAINSTORM how your life is impacted by tribal economies in Oregon.
READ and compare Indian legends that tell stories about early life in Oregon. What is the purpose of the Indian legends? Create your own unique legend to explain how life in Oregon has changed for Indian people over the past 200 years and whether you believe these changes have been positive or negative.
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