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Teaching Resources
Return of the Raven, the Edison Chiloquin Story.
(Video - 47 minutes), Barry Hood Films: Eugene, OR, 1984. (For high school and above, a report of Chiloquin's fight to recover land taken from the Klamath Indians by the United States government.)
Oregon Field Guide program segments *
  • 303: Hells Canyon Dig
  • 307: Indian Pits
  • 401: Indian Family/Traditional Values
  • 408: Paiute Reburial
  • 603: Salmon Camp/Native Americans
  • 802: Paiute Blessing of North Lake School
  • 913: Modoc Wars/Klamath Falls
  • 1102: Owyhee Petroglyphs
  • 1107: Newberry Crater Submerged Campsite
  • 1108: Sunken Canoe
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