Conflicts and Crises
Leaking irrigation pipe
The Natural Flow
Water Pressures
A Changing Climate
Conflicts & Crises
The combined use of water in Oregon amounts to 7,910 million gallons a day, a total of 2,887 billion gallons a year. That's an enormous order to fill, especially when the supply is largely dependent upon the generosity of nature.
The responsibility for distributing water, and enforcing water laws, is shared by several state, federal and regional entities. It's a difficult task, complicated by multiple jurisdictions and conflicting objectives. And the job is constantly expanding. By 2002, the state vault contained the records for 80,000 active water rights. And although existing allocations already outstrip supply, more water permits are being issued all the time.
This part of the Water Web site reviews the various agencies that shape Oregon's water management policies, takes a brief look at a few areas of particular crisis, and considers the effect of society's changing perceptions of water's value as a public resource.
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