About The Program
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The Oregon Story Series
Since 1997, OPB has been developing educational programming and supplementary Web content to encourage statewide education about Oregon's relationship with the land.
This chapter of The Oregon Story explores the concept and practices of land trusts. Here you can learn about the teams that produced the Land Trusts program and companion Web site.
Funding for The Oregon Story: Water is provided through the Education Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Rural Development.
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Broadcast Production Team
The OPB broadcast program The Oregon Story: Water was created with the assistance of:
Producer/Writer  |  Eric Cain
Videographer & Editor  |  Nick Fisher
Associate/Field Producer  |  Mike Midlo
Narrator  |  Jeff Douglas
Additional Videography  |  Bill Goetz
Donovan Sippel
Sound Techs  |  William Ward
Cindy Hogan
Music  |  Steve Hoyt
Graphics  |  Neil Blume
William Ward
Executive Producer  |  Steve Amen
Executive in Charge
of Production
 |  David Davis
Site Production
OPB Interactive develops the companion Web sites for the Oregon Story series. OPB Interactive has also produced a number of Web sites for PBS.org, as well as enhanced-TV prototypes, books, and extensive promotion and education/outreach campaigns for PBS primetime programs.
The OPB Web site The Oregon Story: Land Trusts was created with the assistance of:
Marion Rice  |  Senior Director, OPB Interactive
John Kin  |  Producer/Web Developer
Brandy Hussa  |  Classroom Content
Ally Wright  |  Copywriter
Ellen Lee  |  Copy Editor
Online at: http://www.opb.org
Use Restrictions
All content in The Oregon Story programs and Web site(s) is protected by copyright. However, material may be used for educational and research purposes. It is the responsibility of the user to determine whether any additional copyright restrictions apply to images found on The Oregon Story site(s).