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Margaret Mead once said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world." It is only through citizen involvement that Oregon's water use problems will be resolved.
There are many ways for you to become active in water management and conservation efforts. These are just a few ways to get started. As you become more connected with the water community, continue asking how you can make a difference.
Get local! Join a planning group, volunteer or simply start attending community water-use meetings. Begin with a visit to the Web site of OSU's Water Connection. This new site contains contact information and resources for "watershed councils, agencies, resource managers, and other folks interested in water and watershed issues in Oregon."
Choose a career in water. Make a direct difference. Start with a look at careers available in water-related fields. The Universities Water Information Network (UWIN) describes a wide range of career opportunities and also lists current job openings for academics, non-academics and students.
Conserve. One person conserving water can't make much of a difference. But millions of people and companies, all focused on conservation could shift the balance of drought in Oregon. Whether you are a homeowner, student, teacher, farmer, rancher, city or company, the National Resources Conservation Service offers practical suggestions for water conservation, and other sensible environmental practices.
Vote! Nearly every election offers an opportunity to choose pro-conservation officials, to voice your opinions on energy or to help make decisions that will affect the growth of your community. This is a quiet, simple way to make a significant difference.
Write letters or emails. Take the time to send a message to your local, state and national officials. Encourage elected officials to support water conservation and management initiatives.