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"My name is Emma Logan and I come from Tennessee..."

A Strange Fever
"It wasn't that it was so contagious that everybody caught it. It was that those who did catch it were thought to be sick."

Pack the Wagon Woman We're Leaving Tennessee
"I thought my life was settled til' the day John said to me, pack the wagon woman, we are leaving Tennessee"

Working Up to the Program
"Now I will begin to plan with an eye to starting out on a six month trip. The first thing is to lay plans and then work up to the program."

Farewell Sinks Deeply Into the Heart
"Who does not recollect their first night when started on a long journey? The well known voice of our friends still ringing in our ears. The parting kiss still warm upon our lips and the last separating word 'farewell!' sinks deeply into the heart."

Oregon Bound
"In the Spring of 1842, the first wagon train, consisting mainly of families, departed from Missouri. They traveled only two miles an hour."

Women's Work is Never Done
"One of the things that women concentrate on in, in their reminiscences and their diaries of the experience is the way that their work is never done."

On the Barren Plains
"You in the States know nothing about dust. It will fly so that you can hardly see the horns of your oxen..."

Pursuing the Journey
"There is this horrifying image that you find over and over again of men swimming horses or stock across the stream and disappearing below the water and never being seen again."

The Days That Tried the Soul
"The heart has a thousand misgivings and the mind is tortured with anxiety and often I pass the fresh made graves I have glanced at the sideboards of the wagon not knowing how soon it might serve as a coffin for some on of us."

What A Wonderful Place This Oregon
"My most vivid recollection of that first winter in Oregon is of the weeping skies and of mother and I also weeping."

A New Life in Oregon
"Throughout the thirty year emigration, pioneer women played an integral part in the settling of the Oregon frontier."


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