This is a story of a man named York.
It is also the story of how history is recorded, remembered and imagined.




The Scholars:

Darrell Millner
Professor, Black Studies Department
Portland State University, Portland, OR

Thomas P. Slaughter
Andrew V. Tackes Professor of History
University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

James   J. Holmberg
Curator of Special Collections
The Filson Historical Society, Louisville, KY

James Ronda
H.G. Barnard Chair in Western American History
University of Tulsa, Tulsa OK

Ron Craig
Documentary Filmmaker and York educator Filmworks Northwest, Portland, OR

Kelly Madison
Associate Professor of Communication Studies,
California State University at Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

Primary Sources:

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Books/writings about York:

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Contemporary works about York:

Buffalo Dance: The Journey of York
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References to York as a "Superhero"

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Books about the Minstrel Era

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