This is a story of a man named York.
It is also the story of how history is recorded, remembered and imagined.




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"I used my commute to listen, laugh and learn about York, a story many of our listeners are probably not aware of. This documentary is informative, educational and entertaining -- just like our mission."

Stephen J. Charbonneau, Program Manager
WGBH Boston

Timings and Cues

00:00:00 Incue:

Music. Then: "The Undiscovered Explorer: Imagining York. From Public Radio International."
Then music up.

00:34:10 Outcue:

"I'm Danny Glover. You're listening to The Undiscovered Explorer: Imagining York from
Public Radio International."

(60 sec music bed)

00:35:10 Incue:

"So far, we've examined York's life through the small collection of primary sources that historians have to work with......"

00:59:00 Outcue:

"I'm Danny Glover." Then: PRI Logo