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Living as an Artist in Portland, OR


This week’s guest curator Jeff Jahn’s has a theory that Portland is a “capital of conscience”. He wrote as much in an editorial for the Portland Tribune in 2012. In preparing to discuss this idea we spoke with three different artists about their relationship with the city and their art.

Sean Healy
Artist Sean Healy

Artist Sean Healy

April Baer/OPB

Sean Healy moved here almost straight out of art school. He is now represented by the Elizabeth Leach gallery, has a show coming there in June and collaborates with Joe Thurston on commissioned work. Their company creates site-specific art installations in Portland and Eugene, and across the country.


Avantika Bawa

Avantika Bawa is an artist, teacher currently serves on the Oregon Arts Commision and publishes an online magazine called Drain.  in order to promote what she sees as a vibrant artists community in Portland perhaps shy of trumpeting themselves.


Chris Johanson

Angelique Groh

Chris Johanson is a painter who rose out of a punk background to showing works at the Whitney Biennial. He and his wife currently split their time between Los Angeles and Portland.

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