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Soviet-Era Imagery On View At Reed

Cooley Gallery, Reed College

Our guest curators this week are Lena Lencek, professor of Russian and Humanities at Reed College, and Stephanie Snyder of Reed’s Cooley Gallery. They collaborated on an exhibition called Reality Principal: Construction of a New Life. Details here on the show and their symposium, happening today.

Cooley Gallery, Reed College


Snyder writes, “Studying the posters’ dynamic forms and expressions of power amplified our sense of disorientation, and our fears concerning Russia’s transformation. I began to imagine the “crumbling” of the Soviet Union as a scattering of severed threads, torn bits of meaning disconnected from narrative, signifiers and signs floating randomly without attachment, ideas and feelings waiting for new images and a new vocabulary.”

Cooley Gallery, Reed College

Reed College Cooley Gallery

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