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Climate One

Climate One Radio is a thriving dialogue on energy, the environment and the economy. Climate One presents conversations with leaders from business, government, academia and advocacy groups to advance the discussion about a clean energy future.

Here are some of the topics recently covered on Climate One:

Building & Land Use: According to the famous McKinsey carbon abatement curves, transportation and commercial and residential buildings offer some of the greatest opportunities for lifecycle cost savings and carbon reductions.

Food & Agriculture: Agriculture's sensitivity to dramatic changes in weather puts our food production in grave danger. With Silicon Valley nearby, California's Central Valley provides not only sustainable food and agriculture, but also sustainable innovation.

EVs & Transportation: With rising oil prices and President Obama instating a vehicle fleet average of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, car companies will need to invest heavily in change to keep up with green demand. What changes are needed for car companies to develop sexy electric vehicles and reach the new CAFÉ standard?

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