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Intelligence Squared US

Intelligence Squared US is the program for listeners who crave a clear view of the big questions that divide Americans. Every episode brings together world thinkers, policy-makers and journalists, in 2 on 2 debates, to argue the pros and cons of issues like health care, foreign policy, clean energy, and the war. Then listeners weigh in. Expect ear-catching, provocative radio that enlightens, entertains and informs.

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Are Charter Schools Overrated? (134)
Are Liberals Stifling Intellectual Diversity on Campus? (102)
Are Lifespans Long Enough? (118)
As We Evolve, Do We Need God Less (147)
Does Income Inequality Impair the American Dream of Upward Mobility? (97)
Does the Equal Protection Clause Forbid Racial Preferences in State University Admissions? (116)
Does the U.S. Need To Defeat ISIS? Or Is Containment Enough? (109)
Face-Off with China: Foreign Policy in the Trump Era (139)
Has Gerrymandering Destroyed The Political Center? (128)
Has the President Usurped the Constitutional Power of Congress (123)
Is "Big Pharma" To Blame For Rising Health Care Costs? (126)
Is Obama's Iran Deal Good for America (107)
Is Policing Racially Biased? (131)
Is Smart Technology Making us Dumb? (106)
Is Western Democracy in Danger? (141)
Is the U.S. Healthcare System Terminally Broken? (140)
Long Live Walmart? (136)
Should College Students be Allowed to Take Smart Drugs? (113)
Should Courts or Campuses Decide Sexual Asault Cases? (110)
Should Net Neutrality Be Saved? (148)
Should States be Required to License Same Sex Marriages? (108)
Should The U.S. Adopt the Right to be Forgotten Online? (103)
Should The U.S. Let In 100,000 Syrian Refugees? (117)
Should We Embrace The Common Core (94)
Should We Give Trump A Chance (132)
Should We Legalize Assisted Suicide? (98)
Should We Trust the Promise of Artificial Intelligence (120)
Unresolved: The Techonomic Cold War With China (164)
Will Flexing America's Muscles in the Middle East Make Things Worse? (95)
Your Private Data: Can Tech Companies Keep it from the Law? (138)