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Berger & Brown: Navigating the Speed Bumps

Joshua Berger & Tiffany Lee Brown make up two-thirds of the leadership at Plazm magazine.

Josh co-founded the magazine in 1991. Plazm’s heavy on modern visual arts and design, with some literary stuff and music, too. It takes a global editorial view, but was also influential in putting Portland on the design map. (for a deep dive, check out this video featuring every single page of the magazine.)

Over the years the magazine has morphed, doing some design. Josh also works for this agency. The magazine is published without a set schedule. Tiffany is a visual artist and musician. She came on board in 2005 — a few years after she met Josh. They got married a few years after that. Cute wedding, eh?

Their meeting was sort of a perfect Portland, post-millenial love story. As Josh explains, is began in a smoky rock club. Over the past few years They’ve weathered a lot - reversing course, making the decision to have a child, and getting Josh through a debilitating bike accident that left him with traumatic brain injuries.

They talked to us about riding out the bumps.

By the way, Josh and Tiffany both stressed that they came out of the accident much more keenly aware of the importance of families having their legal and financial affairs in order. They mentioned a website whose name can’t be mentioned on a family radio show, but which they found very helpful.

Here’s a sample of the installation work Tiffany did around the birth of their little boy.

On My Belly from tiffany lee brown on Vimeo.

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