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Deer Lodge Records Pays Tribute To George Jones

Bert Sperling, who produced the record, with George Jones in 2003.

Bert Sperling, who produced the record, with George Jones in 2003.

Bert Sperling

Deer Lodge Records releases a new tribute record this weekend. It’s a collection of thirty songs by artists — mostly from the Northwest — in tribute to the late country music great George Jones. Producer Bert Sperling and Deer Lodge owner Ezra Meredith decided to pull the record together after Jones’ death in April. Sperling actually met Jones briefly about ten years ago. “He could still hit the notes,” Sperling says. “He was very humble, very nice. Really cool guy.”

Sperling says many of the artists on the record are one or two generations removed from the prime of Jones’ career, but the emotional depth and humor of Jones’ work still compelled great performances. Sperling says, “The music does resonate. These artists gave it a hundred percent as far as what they were feeling for the track(s).”

Sperling is a musician and writer working in Los Angeles, but he comes back regularly to visit the Deer Lodge which is both a bar and a recording studio. The record can be ordered from Deer Lodge now, and is scheduled to hit iTunes in January.

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