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Defying Expectations: Carla And David Fox

Today Carla and David Fox may be best known for starting Central Oregon’s Art in the High Desert. But their creative life began decades ago, when they were a young married couple, wheeling around the country in a converted school bus. (Don’t tell anyone, but we think they might have been kinda of … well … hippies!)

April Baer/Oregon Public Broadcasting

Fast forward a little and then David was working in education and Carla was home with their two kids. Carla decided to start a business making banners. From there, they moved into metal sculptures. Then they gravitated toward separate fields: Carla is a jewelry artist and Dave does glasswork for architectural design.

They sat down with April to talk about moments when they weren’t sure if the creative life was something they could pull off, and the acts of faith required to move them into careers in art.

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