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State of Wonder

Gerard Schwarz: The State Of Wonder Interview

Maestro Gerard Schwarz is back in the Northwest this weekend, for two concerts with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. It’s a rare opportunity to hear from the man who guided the Seattle Symphony for 26 years, during a period of immense change and growth.

Maestro Schwarz, at the helm of the All-Star Orchestra.

Maestro Schwarz, at the helm of the All-Star Orchestra.

Steve Sherman/AOR Management

He’s been extremely busy since stepping down. Last fall PBS stations premiered a series he hosted and produced called All-Star Orchestra. It gathered a dream team of musicians from orchestras throughout the country, to forward the cause of music education.

He sat down with us for an in-depth conversation about his work, and some of the issues facing American orchestras.

If you watch OPB over the airwaves or on Comcast, you can catch the latest edition of All-Star Orchestra Friday at 4AM on our OPB Plus Channel. Info’s here. 

And here’s the rough guide to our interview.

00:00 - 02:35 Building the All-Star Orchestra
02:36 - 03:45 Following Bernstein’s tradition of music education
05:45 - 09:28 Working without rehearsals
09:30 - 13:09 Digital broadcasts and local shows
15:50 - 16:57 Making the Symphony part of the community
16:58 - 18:29 Navigating compensation questions
18:30 - 27:10 MN Orchestra, music economics, and the role of conductors
27:12 - 29:07 Life since retiring at the Seattle Symphony
29:10 - 32:00 This weekend’s program at the VSO

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