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Meet State of Wonder's Cellist-In-Residence Nancy Ives

We are excited as kids on Christmas to introduce you to Nancy Ives. Principal cello for the Oregon Symphony, and a well-known and -loved face around chamber circles.

Nancy Ives, the Oregon Symphony's principal cellist

Nancy Ives, the Oregon Symphony’s principal cellist

Michael Clapp/OPB

She’s a member of Fear No Music, makes regular appearances with 45th Parallel, and has performed with Portland Cello Project, Third Angle New Music, and many other groups.

But Nancy Ives’s Portland resume only scratches the surface of her musical experience. She spent ten years in New York, getting masters and doctorate degrees at the Manhattan School of Music. A four-year stint in the pit for a touring production of Phantom of the Opera gave her a taste of the road life. She’s been heard alongside Lenny Kravitz, Laurie Anderson, and Gal Costa.

Since moving to Portland, she’s slowed her roll a bit, and reached a higher plane by embracing a diverse menu of music.

We’ve invited Nancy to come see us once a month. We’ll take in some music, talk about what she’s working on and what she’s hearing in the community.

This week, we talk about what she and colleagues did over the summer, and what kind of things to expect as September season premieres roll out. Take a listen!

Shows we talked about this week include The Oregon Symphony’s September 14th concert, and a show with Kathleen Supove sponsored by Fear No Music