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Monica Drake Reads A Bedtime Story For Adults

Editor’s note: The audio above contains strongly suggestive language that was edited from the radio broadcast. If you’d like to hear the edited version, head over to our Soundcloud page.

There’s a gang of Portland writers who’ve been getting together for years, on a weekly basis, listening to and critiquing each other’s writing. They’re some of the big guns in the city’s literary scene: Chelsea Cain, Chuck Palahniuk, Lydia Yuknavitch, Monica Drake.

Monica Drake

Monica Drake

Bellen Drake

But recently, they’ve taken their private reading group public with a show called Bedtime Stories for Adults. They truly mean it when they say bedtime stories — audience and hosts all dress up in silk robes and PJs. And they truly mean it when they say it’s for adults.

Last Friday we recorded one of their shows, and we were hooked by the story Monica Drake told. She teaches writing at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and she’s the author of Clown Girl and The Stud Book. Her story contains sexually suggestive language, so it may not be suitable for young ears.