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Non Finito: "No Artist Worth Their Salt Is Ever Finished"


This month, Laura Russo Gallery in Portland features a show curated by abstract painter and educator Lucinda Parker.


A few of the works Lucinda Parker curated for this months’ show at Laura Russo Gallery.


Parker invited four artists with very divergent visions and visual language. On the surface, George D. Green, Heidi Cody, Julie Green, and Bill Hoppe don’t have much in common, beyond having all worked as studio artists in New York. But Parker says she values each for their focus. Her practice, she says, has been influenced by each of these four, in turn.

Parker walked us through the show and talked about what she sees in each of the four. We also had a few words with each of the artists. Check out the link at the top to hear them.

We also had a chance to talk at length with Bill Hoppe last month. Listen to the full interview on the link below.


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