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Oliver Skewers Cover Oregon Ad Campaign

It was probably inevitable that the wags were going to get hold of Oregon’s multi-billion dollar health care website failure. But it was just Salem’s luck that John Oliver debuted his new HBO Comedy series last week, when Cover Oregon was considering scrapping its site, and turning consumers over to the federal portal.

Oliver opened up on Cover Oregon with both barrels in his first episode. (Warning, there are potty words galore in this clip, clicker beware.)

We get it. Oregon had it coming, right? But ouch! Picking on working artists??? Really, John?

We tracked down singer Laura Gibson for some backstory on the Lisa Loeb parody. Listen to our Soundcloud clip above to hear what she said.

P.S. The ad agency that worked with Laura and other local musicians to create the Cover Oregon spots lobbed one back at Oliver this week. North’s Mark Ray says, “I’d do it all again just the same, proudly.”  Read up over here.

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