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Pushing Expectations: Mousai Remix At PHAME Academy

It may seem like the string quartet Mousai Remix and PHAME Academy have little in common, but both groups steadfastly refuse to conform to expectations. 

Marilyn De Oliviera (left) and Jen Arnold (center) at PHAME

Marilyn De Oliviera (left) and Jen Arnold (center) at PHAME

April Baer/Oregon Public Broadcasting

Mousai’s musicians maintain day jobs with the Oregon Symphony, but commit themselves to taking the string quartet repertoire out of the concert hall and into the community.

PHAME offers people with developmental disabilities opportunities to live more creative lives through arts education and performance. (If you’ve never heard their choir’s rendition of Modest Mouse’s “Float On”, you’re missing out!)

This audio postcard was captured in November at PHAME’s home base, a space within Grace Memorial Episcopal Church in Portland. Both groups are gearing up. PHAME’s 30th anniversary season is coming in 2014. The group is working on am ambitious original stage production. Mousai will  continue its third season in February.