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Quiet Music Festival Chris Johanson's on Taking It Down, Take It Down

Chris Johanson

Chris Johanson

Angelique Groh

Chris Johanson envisioned the Quiet Music Festival as a way to get folks together, make music and art, pay attention to the quiet, and even possibly drift off to sleep. He discussed the origins of the show as his way of staying connected to music and performance while dealing with tinnitus he’d developed from loud music shows.

The show features a diverse lineup of artists that Johanson has met in his frequent travels. He said that the common element was the energy they bring to their artistic practice and their excitement around taking on the challenge set forth by the festival’s concept to “…take it on down, take it on down”. Along with the curated music selections Johanson features an interior designed for maximum comfort and an art exhibit of textiles and poster art.

The scene at a previous Quiet Music Festival

The scene at a previous Quiet Music Festival

Chris Johanson


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