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Sallie Ford Ready To Launch New Lineup

Breaking news: Sallie Ford has a new tattoo. It’s fancy! Ford found out recently her great-great grandmother was a tattooed lady in a circus back east. Is that exciting find what’s got her on such a tear? Hard to say.

Ford is in between labels, but she’s got the look of someone about to show the world exactly what that Camaro’s got under the hood. She’s heading a brand-new band, fresh out of the studio with material produced by Chris Funk. He slings guitar for the Decemberists, of course, but also has a Midas-touch, producing bands like Redfang, Langhorne Slim, and the Builders & the Butchers.

So this band of Sallie’s - it’s an all-lady line-up, with heavy hitters like Anita Lee Elliot, who used to be in Viva Voce. Anita is a seriously fabulous guitarist. But Sallie Ford told us Anita is not actually playing lead in this lineup.  She also gave us some hints about the sound of the new band.

They make their formal debut at Mississippi Studios next Friday night (March 7th). And she’ll be heading to Pendleton Friday March 21st for a date at the GP.

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