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Sean Joseph Patrick Carney's Social Malpractice Art

Sean Joseph Patrick Carney received his MFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2009.

 Sean Joseph Patrick Carney with this week's guest curator, Victor Maldonado. Sean was Victor's TA for a time at PNCA.

 Sean Joseph Patrick Carney with this week’s guest curator, Victor Maldonado. Sean was Victor’s TA for a time at PNCA.

April Baer/Oregon Public Broadcasting

Since graduating, Sean’s bounced around the U.S. a bit, and he’s now based out of Brooklyn. He is a prolific visual and conceptual artist, writer, and publisher. He co-founded the Conceptual Oregon Performance School in Portland, and created Social Malpractice Publishing.

His website will give you a pretty good sense of his art. It includes experimental food ventures and emotionally naked sing-along renditions of hits by Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. A regular contributor to, taunter of James Franco, he’s developed a visual language with pop songs, google searches, performance art, installations, and stand-up.

He’s back in town this week, and we’ll catch up with him, along with his former PNCA professor — and our guest curator — Victor Maldonado.

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