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Todd Snider: New Book Takes Stories From Stage To Page

This week we check in with singer-songwriter Todd Snider. His live shows are ridiculously entertaining.

Snider's lived in East Nashville for 13 years. He's called it "a drinking neighborhood with a musician problem".

Snider’s lived in East Nashville for 13 years. He’s called it “a drinking neighborhood with a musician problem”.

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Snider’s arsenal of meticulously-crafted songs range from hilarious to deeply poignant. But a lot of his appeal stems from his  stream-of-consciousness monologues. He’s upfront about his self-destructive streak, which led to several stints in rehab, and threatened to destroy his career several times. Snider’s unflappable good nature and warmth are the glue that hold the material together. 

Snider’s monologues are the raw material for his new book, I Never Met A Story I didn’t Like. He also added reams of details about the constellation of musicians and others he’s met over the years, from stars like Kris Kristofferson and Jimmy Buffett to local legends in his adopted hometown, Nashville. There’s also some funny stuff about his stint playing football for Beaverton. Snider freely admits he was not the greatest match for the team.

Snider talked to us about getting the book, and what’s kept him going over the years. He’ll be in Portland Sunday night to read from the book and play some songs.

He also graciously read the first chapter for us. Take a listen.


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