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Waste Not: Refuse Workers Profiled

Ready to revise your view what goes out to the curb every week?

Natalie Sept

Three women in Portland are working on a project that might give you a different understanding of trash.
Natalie Sept is a painter whose last major project chronicled the lives of dishwashers. For her upcoming show, Waste Not, she went down to Portland’s largest waste transfer station with Photographers Natalie Behring and Rachel Bracker.

Natalie Behring

They talked to workers employed by a company called Recology, that contracts with the regional government. These workers go through huge piles of trash, looking for recyclables, before the trash goes to the dump.
They share their tape with us. Take a listen, and watch for their upcoming exhibition.

Waste Not will be part of a triple show in North Portland opening August 8th.

Natalie Behring