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Whitelandia At A Crossroads?


We catch up with developments around the making of Whitelandia. Two Portland filmmakers, Tracy MacDonald and Matt Zodrow, have completed a Kickstarter campaign to begin production on a film they say will tell the story of historic discrimination against black Oregonians.

But late last month, a Portland professor, community organizer and writer, Walidah Imarisha, put up a blog post indicating she felt her image and words were re-purposed without her permission in trailer materials produced for the project. MacDonald and Zodrow have responded at some length on their Facebook page. As of this writing, it appears they do plan to move forward, despite mixed and strongly-worded opinions on social media over whether the project can be credibly made by two white filmmakers.

Here are the filmmakers, in their own words, addressing some of thse concerns. This video was made by OPB Arts and Life Producer Ifanyi Bell several months before Walidah Imarisha’s blog post.

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