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Y La Bamba | Roman Mars | Kill Rock Stars’ Portia Sabin | Jesse Thorn

Luz Mendoza of the band Y La Bamba shares the inspiration for her new album, “Mujeres.” Plus, some of the major players in the podcasting industry on their rapidly expanding medium.

Photo: Courtesy Luz Elena Mendoza

Walidah Imarisha | Oregon’s Black Pioneers | Pontypool | Arthur Bradford With Matt Sheehy | Big News For Portland’s Art Agency

It’s funny how things change — or, rather, how things stay the same, but our perceptions of them change. This week, we’re taking a look at shifting timelines and the folks who are revising the narratives.

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Oregon Historical Society, Neg No. 25140

FisherPoets Best Of 2018 | Kelli Schaefer | Anders Nilsen

Ever found yourself in a room full of people, feeling totally and overwhelmingly alone? Don’t worry — there’s art for that. This week, we take a look at how local artists are exploring the meaning of longing and connection.

Photo: Courtesy Corey Arnold

Mary Oliver | Claudia Rankine | The Mayo House | Mia Zara And ‘No Candy’ | Julia Oldham

There’s no one way to persevere. When the going gets tough, we’ve each got to figure out our own ways to endure. This week, stories of survival.

Photo: Brud Giles/Courtesy Portland Playhouse

Sun Ra | DUG | The Space Lady | Pepper Pepper | Cherdonna Shinatra | Carla Rossi

What seems like fringe turns out to be fundamental. This week, outsider artists and their relationship to the mainstream.

Photo: Claudia Meza/OPB

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Y La Bamba At Type Foundry Studio


Luz Elena Mendoza talks with OPB about expressing her Mexican-American identity through songwriting. Watch her band, Y La Bamba, play a percussive and emotional set drawn from the new album, "Mujeres."

Artist Strives To Save Portland's Historic Mayo House


An African-American artist has stepped up to save a historic home in Northeast Portland because of his family's own struggles with gentrification. 

Door Of The Cosmos: Sun Ra On View At Portland Art Museum


The jazz visionary gets a major exhibition, uniting the many faces of his genius, from jazz to art to philosophy.

Andy Borowitz On Surviving The Death Of Satire


An ultra-marathoner of comedy writing, Andy Borowitz talks about his long-running feed of satirical news stories and his method of drawing humor out of less-than-funny times.

Classical Music's #MeToo Reckoning


Portland violinist Raffaela Kalmar is part of a cohort of musicians who spoke out about sexual abuse by the eminent concertmaster William Preucil.

DJ Anjali And The 18-Year Party


One of the godmothers of the Portland club scene, DJ Anjali, talks about cracking open the audience for Bhangra beats, and finding her place in the DJ booth.

Artist Abigail DeVille’s Critique Of The American Paradox


Abigail DeVille’s mammoth installation at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art centers around the lost histories and displaced citizens of the United States.

Roll Hardy: Painting Portland's Impermanent, Industrial Beauty

OPB | Broadcast: Nov. 1, 2018

Landscapes scarred by time and the remnants of transient visitors. Places at the periphery of Portland, filled with existential silence and potential danger. This is the world Roll Hardy paints.

Typhoon Performs Live At OPB


The band's new release, "Offerings," is a dark vision of a man losing his memory and his mind. The record is out this week. Typhoon joined us in the studio for a performance and to talk about it.

How Fabi Reyna Re-Tuned The Guitar Industry In 5 Short Years


She's just your basic industry-changing, magazine-publishing CEO of her own burgeoning media empire.

Into The Vault With Chanti Darling


The debut album, “RNB Vol. 1” is all warmth and joy and electro-soul.

Narrative In Virtual Reality: Oregon Studios Head For Next Level


Several content makers in the region are working on vanguard films and animations made to be experienced in virtual reality. Now, if only the market would catch up.

Music Critic Jessica Hopper On Life, Death And Gentrification


Jessica Hopper has written about some of the most compelling music of the past two decades. Central to her work: her relationship with Chicago.

Oregon Symphony Dazzles, Startles With Oratorio On Homelessness


Composer Gabriel Kahane's "emergency shelter intake form" moves the ensemble into a new conversation with the community.

Artist Julia Oldham Captures The Dogs Of Chernobyl


The Eugene-based visual artist envisions the future in a real-life post-apocalyptic landscape.

'An Infected Sun': Portland Artist Demian DinéYazhi´ And Their Cross-Country Odyssey


A contemporary artist whose practice is as influenced by Northwest feminist rockers as by Diné culture.

Musician Michelle Zauner On Korean Identity And Grieving At H Mart


Zauner’s project Japanese Breakfast was just the beginning as she came to terms with a biracial heritage and losing her mother.

The Last Artful, Dodgr: opbmusic session


The fast-rising Portland rapper -- along with producer Neill Von Tally -- joins us for songs from their new release, Bone Music.

At Tender Table, Stories Are Told And Tasted


Food, family, and identity are the ingredients that make up Tender Table, a storytelling series for women and nonbinary people of color in Portland. 

Lessons From 'The Emerald Tablet' With Cult Of Orpheus


Five years in, the ensemble is creating new narratives for chamber music.

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