Pink Martini chanteuse China Forbes watches on as the BodyVox dancers work out her choreography set to David Bowie's "Changes."

Pink Martini chanteuse China Forbes watches on as the BodyVox dancers work out her choreography set to David Bowie’s “Changes.”

Jamey Hampton/BodyVox

BodyVox Brings Its A-Team - 1:01
The dance company BodyVox does not do normal. Their work delights in pushing boundaries, whether defying genre by mixing in things like opera or monsters, or defying physical laws by using video projection to make it look like they’re dancing on the wall. So how are they pushing forward with their new performance, “The Pearl Dive Project” (Apr. 7–23)? How about asking eight top-tier artists to choreograph for them. Only thing: none of the artists are actually dancers. Instead, they’re folks like Pink Martini singer China Forbes, Oregon Symphony music director Carlos Kalmar and visual artist Malia Jensen.

Elizabeth Woody is Oregon's new poet laureate.

Elizabeth Woody is Oregon’s new poet laureate.

Laurie Isola/OPB

Elizabeth Woody Names New Oregon Poet Laureate - 9:40
Governor Kate Brown has appointed Elizabeth Woody as Oregon’s next poet laureate. Her mandate: to represent the poetic powers, to encourage the reading and writing of poetry and to be our mirror, reflecting on public life. Woody’s maternal family is part of the Confederated Tribe of the Warm Springs, but she was born on the Navajo Reservation — among her father’s folks — and identifies as Buddhist. You can hear her full conversation on Think Out Loud.

Pioneer Mall Shows Its Galleries the Door - 14:45
For the past several years, one of downtown Portland’s most unusual art hubs in has been on the top floor of the Pioneer Place Mall. Mark Woolley Gallery, People’s Art of Portland, Artist in Residence Gallery and One Der Gallery have lured the art walk crowds past J. Crews and Forever 21s and up escalators to take in fine art in a building where skill and quality is generally associated with Louis Vuitton. Now, mall management has informed the galleries they need to make way for a new commercial tenant by the end of April.

The Thermals in the studio at OPB

The Thermals in the studio at OPB

David Christensen/opbmusic

usic Session with The Thermals - 16:28
The Thermals’ newest release,  “We Disappear,” dives deep, exploring concepts of love, loss and technology’s role in both. Of course, the dark subject matter doesn’t mean Hutch Harris, Kathy Foster and Westin Glass have ditched their penchant for writing fun, catchy sing-a-longs, like “My Heart Went Cold.” They play us a few and talk about their ‘no lads, no lasses’ policy. Watch video of their performance.

What Can Portland Learn From San Francisco? 24:14
What are we supposed to make of what’s happening in the Bay Area. Is it a cautionary tale of what could happen as Portland’s Oregon’s growth keeps surging? Or a preview of things that are definitely coming, no matter what we do? In our newest session with our columnist-in-residence Randy Gragg, we sit down with Gil Kelley, San Francisco’s citywide planning director who formerly directed Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, to talk about his unique view on how the city’s compare. Listen to the full conversation.

Beverly Cleary has written more than 40 books.

Beverly Cleary has written more than 40 books.

Courtesy: Cleary Family Archive/Used with Permission

Beverly Cleary Turns 100 - 36:58
We are celebrating a huge 100th birthday for a true Oregon original: the one and only Beverly Cleary. Mrs. Cleary’s books, featuring Ramona, Beezus, Henry Huggins and other kids, helped invent what we understand today as children’s literature and remade the rules for how girls are represented in books. While she was at it, she brought a slice of Northeast Portland’s Klickitat Street to vivid life for people all over the world. Our pals at Oregon Art Beat have become part of the Cleary centennial celebration, and we listen in on part of Cleary’s conversation with them in preview of their half-hour special, “Discovering Beverly Cleary.” It premieres on OPB on April 7, but you can attend an advance screening on Apr. 2 at the Hollywood Theatre at 2:30 p.m. For more about the beloved author, check out

Chris Arellano - 44:20
In Albany and Corvallis, people know Chris Arellano as a music teacher and guitarist. In New Mexico, he’s quickly becoming a star. KLCC’s Jacob Lewin introduces us to a young artist who’s making a name for himself by honoring his father’s memory. 

The Dandy Warhols release their first album in four years, "Distortland," and you can get a sneak listen on the jukebox at Tony's Tavern.

The Dandy Warhols release their first album in four years, “Distortland,” and you can get a sneak listen on the jukebox at Tony’s Tavern.

Courtesy the Dandy Warhols

Be the First to Hear the Dandy Warhol’s Newest Record: At a Dive Bar Near You - 47:57
There are two places the public can hear the Dandy Warhol’s first album in four years, “Distortland,” in advance of its April 8 release: on the jukebox at Tony’s Tavern on West Burnside and at Tony’s Tavern on Northeast Sandy. The band held a listening party at the Burnside dive on Saturday because, according to bandleader Courtney Taylor-Taylor, it has the single best sound system in any Portland bar.