Come explore — this week we’re at work and play in with Ann Hamilton at Centennial Mills, Harrell Fletcher and Lisa Jarrett turn a school into a museum, Jessica Hernandez talks about coming up in Detroit — plus updates on the music royalties bill in Congress and Portland’s creative haven, Milepost 5.

Artist Ann Hamilton speaks with State of Wonder's April Baer about her latest art installation, "Habitus."

Artist Ann Hamilton speaks with State of Wonder’s April Baer about her latest art installation, “Habitus.”

Claudia Meza/OPB

Ann Hamilton’s “habitus” Comes to Centennial Mills — 1:29

Centennial Mills, the 107-year old site of an old flour mill, is getting the treatment from conceptual artist Ann Hamilton. A MacArthur Genius Grant recipient, Hamilton is known best for her large-scale installations. The third annual Converge 45 brought Hamilton and made it possible to install her project, “habitus,” originally at Philadelphia’s Fabric Workshop and Museum, at Portland’s Centennial Mills.

Artist Samantha Wall works with Martin Luther King Jr. School student Michael Esperanza in preparation for the 2018 KSMOCA International Art Fair.

Artist Samantha Wall works with Martin Luther King Jr. School student Michael Esperanza in preparation for the 2018 KSMOCA International Art Fair.

April Baer/OPB

King School Museum of Contemporary Art — 8:08

The King School Museum of Contemporary Art is opening its annual art fair this week. Although KSMOCA has been around in various incarnations since 2011, Harrell Fletcher and Lisa Jarrett’s project to site a working museum within a northeast Portland K–8 school has really taken off over the last three years, with quarterly exhibitions by big-name artists like Byron Kim and Lonnie Holley, workshops, and this summer’s International Art Fair. MLK Jr. School is getting a new roof this summer, so the students are installing the fair at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s HQ. We paid a visit and found a who’s who of the Portland art scene working with the students.

U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden

U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden

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Musicians Line Up Against Wyden’s Royalty Bill — 21:03

Music industry professionals have spent the past week lobbying Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden to stand down on the Music Modernization Act. It’s a bill five years in the making, intended to reform how music royalties and rights payments are made in the digital era. Wyden has introduced a sort of sub-bill aimed at older recordings and copyrights. It would create streamlined laws for older music and a shorter ramp to the public domain. His essay on Medium outlines his stance.

If you have more questions about the Music Modernization Act, we highly recommend “The Future of What” podcast, by Kill Rock Stars CEO Portia Sabin. Start with episode No. 113. The Black Box episode, No. 125 is helpful, too. And since we recorded our show, it looks like Portia and team have done another super-instructive update, including news as of this week.

Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas at OPB

Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas at OPB


Summer Spins: Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas — 23:03

Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas are bringing their revved-up throwback power pop to the Doug Fir Lounge this coming Thursday. Hernandez is a fantastically focused performer, with a no-holds-barred vocal style. We first turned onto her with this 2015 opbmusic session, right on the heels of their major-label debut, “Secret Evil.” But do check out the band’s most recent release, too. It’s amped up with bilingual lyrics and a heavier emphasis on ‘80s pop and twang — perfect poolside listening.

Richard Swift released solo albums, including "The Novelist" on the Indiana-based Secretly Canadian label.

Richard Swift released solo albums, including “The Novelist” on the Indiana-based Secretly Canadian label.

Courtesy of Secretly Canadian

Celebrating Rock ‘n’ Roll Magician Richard Swift — 30:00

If you’re in Southeast Portland, stop in and see Art on Stumptown’s exhibition in tribute to musician and producer Richard Swift. A sought-after collaborator and producer, Swift’s death in July was mourned by fans around the world. We talked to several friends about what he brought in terms of inspiration and freewheeling, intuitive approach to the recording process.

Cindy Baldwin's debut novel for young adults is called "Where the Watermelons Grow."

Cindy Baldwin’s debut novel for young adults is called “Where the Watermelons Grow.”

Courtesy of Cindy Baldwin

Cindy Baldwin: Where the Watermelons Grow — 36:41

Cindy Baldwin’s astonishing debut YA novel “Where The Watermelons Grow” is a story seen through the eyes of a 13-year-old girl, delving into what family life looks like when a parent has a chronic illness, in this case, schizophrenia. The dynamics of this child/parent relationship are explored intently and delicately. Cindy herself was diagnosed will a chronic illness, cystic fibrosis, when she was just six months old, and is now also a mother herself. Her full interview on “Think Out Loud” can be found here.

Milepost 5, home to nearly 100 artists in Portland.

Milepost 5, home to nearly 100 artists in Portland.

April Baer/OPB

Tumult and Change at Milepost 5 — 46:49

We learned this week that changes are coming to Portland’s storied artist live-work space Milepost 5. Remember in February when we reported to you that the building had been sold? The new owners, Community Development Partners, are moving forward on their plan to make some renovations to the 100-year-old brick building — something everybody wanted. But to do so, they need money. The plan is to leverage affordable housing tax credits. To do that, the company needs to show that everyone in the building is living below the federal income benchmark for poverty. People living in 10 of the buildings units don’t meet that measurement.