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December 28 2013 - The Year That Was

So how does State of Wonder (the show that’s been broadcasting a grand total of nine weeks!) cover the year in arts? By asking the experts, of course.

April sat down with members of the OPB arts brain trust to talk about some of their favorite stories, trends they noticed, and stories they’re looking forward to spending time on in 2014.

The panel included:

Tiicham, the work James Lavadour exhibited in Venice this year.

Tiicham, the work James Lavadour exhibited in Venice this year.

PDX Contemporary Art

Also in the show: KMHD‘s music director, Matt Fleeger, shares top-of-the-shelf jazz recordings of 2013. From lush vocal jazz to punk-inspired trio sounds, he’s got something for everyone. Some of these artists will be appearing at the Portland Jazz Festival later this winter, so mark up your calendar.

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