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State of Wonder

GIFs Go Competitive With YIX

We’ve talked about the varied applications of GIFs before on our show. The small video snapshots are used as both high art and as ways to provoke a quick laugh. Their most common application is basically as a shorthand web language. You’ve seen them before, like when there’s a controversial topic on an online forum, you can bet you’ll see one of these as a way of saying: “this should get interesting”:


Husband and wife team Benjamin and Jenny Diggles have turned the art of the GIF into a competitive sport. Their new app is called YIX, which doesn’t stand for anything. It’s just fun to say. This week we sat down with Benjamin and Jenny to hear how it works. Tune in Saturday to hear about the art of GIF battles. And in the meantime, enjoy this custom YIX-made GIF of April taking care of business:

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