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August 2, 2014: Guest Curator Victor Maldonado

Artist, designer, writer, teacher, and curator Victor Maldonado is taking Wonder’s reins this week.

David Blanchard/OPB

Victor grew up in California and Mexico. He’s spent most of his career painting and printmaking. His work is collected across the West.

His new show, opening a new show at Froelick Gallery in September, takes him in a new direction. It’s a photographic/social practice hybrid centering on MadMex, the maked alter ego he created.

We’re inviting Victor to talk about his work, past and present, the interplay between Instagram and art, and what social media has injected into his practice.

Listen to other segments from this week’s show to hear what Victor tells his students about converting their art school experience into full-blown careers, and the creative community that feeds his work.


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