Fill the cooler and buckle up! We are getting you all set up for your weekend summer road trip — lots of great music to keep you moving, and we’ll tell stories about how we get where we’re going. Whether you’re travelling on or off the map, this week’s sounds will move you along.

Haley Heynderickx performs at Kelly's Olympian.

Haley Heynderickx performs at Kelly’s Olympian.


Garden of Sound: Haley Heyndrickx Live at Kelly’s Olympian — 1:30

We were incredibly excited when we heard opbmusic was doing a road session with one of our favorite breakout acts of 2018: singer-singwriter Haley Heyndrickx. Her first full-length album, “I Need To Start A Garden,” got raves from Pitchfork, The New York Times, Stereogum, Paste and NPR. Given her vocal command, inventive melodic approach and first-rate fingerpicking, you might not guess Heyndrickx struggles with shyness. She tells opbmusic’s Jerad Walker about how she works through it. Find her onstage at Pickathon this weekend, and be sure to check out the session videos, too.  

Cartographer Dave Imus stands in a country road.

Cartographer Dave Imus stands in a country road.

John Rosman/OPB

A Master Cartographer Shares the Geography of His Inner World —10:55

OPB Digital producer John Rosman brings us the story of Eugene-area cartographer Dave Imus. Working outside of any major institution, he’s carved out a reputation as one of the U.S.’s finest cartographers. We’ll hear how he shares his vision of the world through handmade maps, loaded with details that deliver not just geographic detail, but culture. Imus bucks the idea that digital wayfinding is the most complete way to navigate the modern world. See John’s gorgeous profile segment here.

Pianist Hunter Noack “In a Landscape” — 15:50

Two years ago, pianist Hunter Noack had a radical idea: all Oregon communities, no matter how remote, deserve access to quality classical music. He loaded a piano into a trailer, and hit the road. What began as ten concerts has expanded to two years of performance in such far-flung places as the Vista House in the Columbia Gorge, PLAYA at Summer Lake, Wallowa County and the Alvord Desert. Noack told Aaron Scott in 2016 about the genesis of the odyssey. See Noack’s series page for more information, and for show listings in Eastern and Central Oregon through September. 

Audience members gather outside the Art Gym in June 2018.

Audience members gather outside the Art Gym in June 2018.

April Baer/OPB

Small Private Colleges in Free Fall — 24:05

It’s been a devastating summer for students and staff at two Oregon colleges that helped thousands of creative Oregonians to find their calling. The Art Institute of Portland is a for-profit art college, with majors in graphic design, fashion, game development, and more. The 125-year-old Marylhurst University, home to majors in creative writing, art therapy, music and more, is also winding down operations. Between the two, they leave hundreds of students without a defined plan to finish their education, and the creative community wondering about the sustainability of  small colleges. We talk with Rick Seltzer of Insider Higher Ed about national trends affecting these and other colleges nationwide. Don’t miss his November 2017 article about closures of small Catholic schools.

Blossom and Ripley Snell at Eyrst Studios

Blossom and Ripley Snell at Eyrst Studios

Sararosa Davies/opbmusic

Pillow Talk with Blossom and Ripley Snell —35:38

The latest installment in EYRST Records’ exploration of Portland’s hazy, sophisticated hip-hop style is the new EP from R&B singer Blossom and MC Ripley Snell. “Clout Atlas :: Dormiveglia” was made over one long weekend, with producer Neil Von Talley. It plays like a half-conscious reverie between two people total awake to each other over one long weekend. KMHD’s Isabel Zacarias chats up the duo about their first recording together, standing out in the scene, and the pleasures of the dream state.

Jazz Pianist Randy Porter

Jazz Pianist Randy Porter

Rosaura Sandoval

Randy Porter Plays Cole Porter with Nancy King — 45:05

Randy Porter and Nancy King are getting ready to headline the Montavilla Jazz Festival Aug. 19. Randy was first exposed to the music of his namesake, Cole Porter, at age 20, when he worked on a revue of the composer’s work. He’s since become a successful jazz pianist known for his impeccable technique. Last year, the Randy Porter trio has teamed up with vocalist Nancy King, one of the region’s jazz treasures, on a Grammy-nominated record called “Porter Plays Porter with Nancy King.” Porter talks to Aaron Scott about the melodic and emotional complexity of these standards, and their interpretation.